Sunday, July 13, 2014

A break at the lake

I am not lucky or smart or rich enough to have my own cottage, but thankfully I have a sister and brother-in-law who are kind to the less fortunate.  My sister spends most of her summer there, and the kids and I joined them on Wednesday and came home today.  It was a perfect little break - we had good hot weather all day Thursday and Friday and Saturday morning.  We won't talk about the weather after that, but we still had lots of fun (yellow cake uranium, anyone?).  It was just me and the kids and my sister and my niece until Friday night, and then Dale and the rest of Jan's family and two German students arrived.

It's so beautiful there and even though I've posted many pictures of it in the past, here are many more.

The Super Moon rises

The morning view from the bunkhouse where we slept

Getting the party boat ready.  It's also the last time Spencer wore his new Shakespeare shirt because it flew off the boat and sank.

New water activity: surfing behind the boat.  Once you get established in the wake, you can let go of the rope and surf around the whole lake.  I didn't try it because everyone made it look so easy and I had a strong suspicion it was a lot harder than it looked.  Maybe next time... 

Everyone looking sorry that they were playing Sorry

The one good thing about today's cool, rainy weather was that it made it a tiny bit easier to go home.  When I tucked Neve in tonight, she said, "Ah, my own bed.  But I wish I was still at the cabin." I have to agree.  There's something about looking at a lake that makes everything better.

Backing up a little, Chloe arrived home on Tuesday night from her Florida trip.  She had an awesome time, except for a sick, traumatic ride home.  I'm going to ask her to write a blog post about it this week.  We are much happier to have her home than she is to be home.  At least we softened the return to reality by heading to the lake the next day.


Anonymous said...

Lake Time is Awesome Time - even when it rains.

I can't wait to read Chloe's blog!!

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

I am a little jealous of this blog post. :)

I love that Neve is jumping in the lake with a pop can in her hand! Viva Las Vegas! (that has nothing to do with Las Vegas...I'm just giving her something crazy to yell as she jumps in a lake with pop in her hand).

Welcome home, Chloe. I've been thinking how grown up you are, Chloe. It seems to have happened very suddenly for me. Craziness. :)


Daniel said...

Hmph, guess my comment didn't get through - I said that the first photo captures perfectly how I feel when I arrive at the cottage! And Dale does make it look easy.

Love all the photos - the more the merrier!