Monday, July 28, 2014

Counting the years until retirement

We spent a lovely week at the lake. The weather cooperated nicely and our entire week could be summed up in three photos:
Playing games: Phase 10, Spot It, and Old Maid were the favourites
But you know me ... I can't stop at three photos so here are 22 more.   
It was a perfect little resort.  There are six cabins, but most of the time it felt like we had the place to ourselves.  A few of the cabins had their own docks where they swam and hung out, and some of the other guests spent the whole time out fishing, so we sat by the little beach or on the dock and (as previously stated) swam and read and played games. The water was clear and refreshing and the view was so beautiful. Our cabin was small and a little on the rustic side, but it had everything we needed.  The best part was the big screened-in room, where we spent most of our time. The mosquitos got crazy at dusk; we made a campfire twice but ended up roasting marshmallows as fast as we could before we ran for shelter. However, the bugs were almost non-existent on the dock, so we sat out there a few evenings.  The resort owners fired up the sauna most nights, so we'd jump in the water, warm up in the sauna, and repeat several times.
Great fun was had on the floating trampoline.  Dale and the kids spent hours trying to push each other off.  Sometimes that ended poorly, but I guess the pros outweighed the cons because they kept doing it.

I guess the fourth thing we spent a lot of time doing is eating.  LOTS of junk food was consumed. There was a "store" that consisted only of a freezer with ice cream treats, where you could help yourself and write it down in a little booklet, which was tallied up at checkout. The kids thought this was amazing. I would too if I wasn't the one paying for it later.

why yes, that is a float plane in the background



Cute little mushroom on an island we paddle-boated to

My parents came to visit one day

Yahtzee on the dock
We went to Kenora one afternoon. We went to the farmer's market and to a sushi restaurant for lunch. It was nice, but it was busy and crowded in town so we were all very happy to get back to our quiet little cottage life. It's amazing how quickly I could get used to being away from civilization. We also went to Sioux Narrows one day to check out the town and the provincial campground. The whole area is so beautiful and we kept saying how we couldn't believe we were only two and half hours away from home. The cabin had no clock and we didn't wear watches, so the days were completely unstructured.  I could get used to that. It was hard to leave, but all the kids ran out of books, so I guess it was time. We'll bring more next year.
The last morning - all sad to leave our little slice of paradise.


Anonymous said...

Oh man. Beautiful. Please email me the cottage resort name. I'm sure this would be a great week for the Krymusa kids too.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Jim

Daniel said...

That looks so very awesome!

Anonymous said...

That water trampoline and slide look amazing! So fun. Glad you had a great week. I'd love to hear the name of the resort, too!


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