Sunday, July 06, 2014

Pool Party

I didn't meet the midnight deadline yesterday, but better late than never.  It was my cousin Rob's birthday yesterday (as well as his and Gab's sixth anniversary) so they had a bunch of people over to celebrate.  (Click here to see the blog about their wedding.  In that same post, I mention going to Syl's for ice cream and one treat not being enough for "someone." Some things never change.)

Despite a brief, hard rain right when we arrived at Rob & Gab's, it was a hot beautiful day, perfect for hanging around the pool.  Rob is one of my favourite people in the world; we grew up across the road from each other and saw each other pretty much every day of our lives until we graduated from high school.  Gab and him always put on a good party with no shortage of food and drinks and music ever. The pool doesn't hurt either.

The birthday boy pretends to need reading glasses

The birthday boy shows off his moves

The birthday boy gets birthday cupcakes arranged in the number "95"

Here's a couple of pics of Neve helping me mud (in her Little Mermaid nightgown).


Daniel said...

Love the post from the past - so cool to see your beautiful children when they were younger! And very funny about the 2nd icecream, again.

Excellent mudding attire.

Happy anniversary/birthday, Rob & Gab!

Anonymous said...

Those are sweet pj's.

I love that Neve is mudding. Go girl(s)!

Tell Rob I think he looks great for 95. :)