Thursday, July 03, 2014

Still cleaning / free desk

Neve and I finally finished cleaning her room yesterday.  She actually keeps her room pretty tidy most of the time, but was running out of space to store toys and trinkets and Rainbow Loom bracelets.  She was not as eager as I was to get rid of things, but we did clean out a lot of clothes that were too small and some other stuff.  We organized everything else into bins and boxes and came up with a storage system Neve should be able to maintain.  Shannon’s words always ring in my head when I’m organizing: everything should have a place.  She did a great series on her blog about keeping an organized space with kids and she’s inspired me to make the kids clean up after themselves.  Then just for a change, we rearranged the furniture in an impractical, inconvenient formation that will likely be changed back soon.  Neve is thrilled with the extra space and clutter-free surfaces; it feels so much better in there.  I meant to take some photos, but it’s dark now and Neve’s in bed. And I don't want to disturb her because she's finally over her 24 hour grudge - she got mad at me last night because I wouldn't read her a book in her newly-created "cozy corner" because it was too late. She was still asleep when I left for work this morning and then she didn't come home from Grandma's until 8:30 tonight, so that delayed the resolution of our issues.

I’m tempted to clean Chloe’s pigsty while she’s in Florida, but I fear that’s sending the wrong message.  I can’t go through her clothes without her around anyway, but I might take a stab at clearing off her dresser if I happen to feel charitable.

My next project is my dining room.  I earmarked the money from last year's staff appreciation day to liven up my dining room: new pictures, new light fixture, etc. (funny how I spent this year's money before last year's).  Unfortunately there’s not enough for a new table and chairs, so that will have to wait.  Last night, my friend Rachel and I bought some frames and pictures for the wall, which was the little push I needed to get this started.  Tonight I mudded the grooves in my paneled wall to prepare it for wallpapering.  I know most people think the devil invented wallpaper, but I’m going to try to prove you wrong.  It’s only going on one wall so if I hate it, it will come down.

Since I’m in the cleaning and purging mode, I have a desk that needs a new home.  Any takers? 



Rose said...

I might take that desk off your hands. Do you mind giving me the measurements so I will know if it fits the space I have in mind for it? Thanks.

L said...

Width: 41.75"
Height: 28.5"
Depth: 19.75"

The top has some marks and scuffs (let me know if you want a closer picture).