Saturday, July 05, 2014

Summer Day

Darla's not going to be pleased with me for posting this late in the day.  I thought I would squeak in before midnight, but I didn't quite make it.  

I spent a relaxed, unstructured summer day with the kids today.  We spent a long time at Chapters, then picked up lunch at Subway and went to Kildonan Park pool for a picnic.  It was a lovely day, although it clouded over a bit.  I had made it clear that I mostly just wanted to sit and read, and since Spencer wanted to do the same, Neve was a little lost without Chloe around.  Eventually she ran off and played in the water by herself; I joined her when I needed to cool off, and Spencer even put down his book a few times to jump in the water.

We're on a quest to go for ice cream at as many different places as we can this summer, and Spencer really wanted to go to Syl's in Carman.  I think he has fond memories because both times he's been to camp in a certain southern Manitoba town, we stopped there for ice cream on the way home.  Both times, he was extremely happy to be coming home and I believe he associates the relief with the thick creamy chocolate milkshakes at Syl's.  It was a nice evening for a drive, so off to Carman we went.  We took our ice cream to the park and played on the playground and then drove around town.  We also popped in to say hi to my aunt and uncle who recently moved to Carman.  It's a very cute little town and we had a good time.  On the way out of town, someone in the family (I won't name names, but it's someone who should know better)  decided a large dip cone wasn't quite enough, so we stopped at Syl's a second time.  And that's why we love summer.

One more catch-up …  my niece Tia's grad party was back in mid-June and I never posted any pictures from it.  It was a beautiful evening - one of the few (if not only) beautiful evenings that week.  There was lots of food, family, friends, and fun … a lovely party for a lovely girl (did I mention she was the valedictorian and won scholarships?!).  Here are a few pictures:

Posing in her grad dress with some of her cousins

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Daniel said...

Whew - I can finally stop checking every 10 minutes!!
Sounds like a very pleasant summer's day - nice to be able to relax!