Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer perfection?

The children playing a board game on the deck on a beautiful summer afternoon while I work … can you imagine anything more idyllic? Well, maybe if there was a rainbow arcing over their heads or if the Eiffel Tower loomed in the background. A big platter of sushi wouldn’t hurt either. Even without the extras, it wasn’t actually as perfect as it looks.  Fighter jets were flying overhead which I’m pretty sure caused some permanent hearing loss.  Chloe was still reeling from the disappointment of failing her drivers road test earlier in the day.  Spencer was contesting the rules, insisting “they’re open to interpretation” and shortly after this photo, he threw the lid of the game box onto the playing area and messed up all the cards. After the shouts and accusations were over, they cleaned up the game and started playing Life.  All was good for about five minutes until the above scenario repeated itself.  Spencer apologized, but I question the sincerity.  Shortly after, this conversation took place:

Neve: Spencer always wrecks the game in the middle of playing it.

Spencer:  I do.  I’m a sore loser.  Never be like me.

Back to Chloe’s road test: it took place in Selkirk because there were no appointments available in Winnipeg when we booked it.  I thought maybe a small town would be an advantage, but that was countered by the unfamiliarity with the town.  This is the part where I defend my child … turns out there’s a sneaky spot where a two-way street changes to a one-way and even though Chloe was going the right way, she attempted to make a left turn from the centre lane instead of the far left.  Apparently that’s a bad thing.  We drove there later and I also didn’t immediately realize it was suddenly a one-way.  I think the tester was being tricky on purpose and I choose to blame him and his shady behavior rather than my perfect little girl.  On the positive side, her parallel parking was perfect on the first try. She was quite sad about not passing, but I told her it builds character.  Hopefully no further character development is necessary and she will pass next time.

In other big news, it’s my sister’s 50th birthday today (she's the one on the left in case it's difficult to distinguish her from the 17 & 20 year olds).  She’s been a hard act to follow because she’s talented at so many things: from sewing and cooking to slalom waterskiing and jumping off cliffs.  I can’t even compete.  She is generous and compassionate and smart and beautiful.  She’s an awesome sister who has been there for me every step of the way and I’d be lost without her.  (I’m trying to not wait to write nice things about people until after they die).  Happy birthday, Jan!

The kids have now moved on to gambling with Life money.  I can’t see that being a success. I'm not sure if the lesson here is to learn to appreciate the brief seconds of time where everything is ideal, or to learn to enjoy with the less perfect parts as well. I'm not going to waste any more precious summer hours trying to figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Older sisters are a hard act to follow! And I am sure Chloe will get her license next time-it took Tanner a second time as he drove through a stop sign on the first try ! Good advice to enjoy all the less perfect moments, and telling people nice things while they are still living. I always enjoy reading your blog-you have such a great way with words-funny and heartwarming!
-Cousin Carolyn

Daniel said...

It does look idyllic out there! Hopefully Spencer's honesty will sink in with him sometime. Sorry to hear of Chloe's failing the test - is this the first test she's ever failed?!

Enjoy Janet's party tonight!

Rose said...

You can tell Spencer that according to my son he is a "great new friend'... On the other hand, maybe he doesn't want to hear that from a 6-year old.

Seriously, Kyle really enjoyed playing fussball with Spencer at your house last week.

Anonymous said...

My driver's license was the first thing I failed and I was totally shocked and broken afterwards. :) And, I agree, I think they make things tricky on purpose. But, in hindsight, it's probably better and safer to learn tricky things and be tested on them rather than flying through and passing only the easy things. It's good to fail every once in a while. But it sucks at the time. I'm sure she'll be awesome next time.


Anonymous said...

Took me three tries to get my licence. My wedding gift to Jenn D. was to tell her in my toast to the bride how many demerits I got on my first try. It was a lot. I can't believe I kept it from her all those years...

xo Sio