Saturday, July 19, 2014


After way too many days of preparing and packing, we are finally on our way. We've rented a cabin near Kenora for a week and have high hopes and expectations of doing nothing except swimming and reading and sleeping and playing games. And eating of course. I think we've brought enough food to last a month. Nothing healthy either, unless you count chocolate covered "blueberries." I can't wait. 

 I'll leave you with a picture from Janet's 50th birthday party on Thursday. It was a perfect evening - the food, entertainment, weather, and company were delightful. 

See you in a week!


Anonymous said...

What a nice pic! Two beautiful ladies! Good looks run in the family, especially your youngest brother!

Daniel said...

Very nice photo of you two! Glad you had a great party - wish I could have been there.

Enjoy your week at the cottage! Sounds nice and relaxing.

To "anonymous" - please don't let my little brother hear you say that - he's got a big enough head as it is.