Wednesday, September 03, 2014

First day of the rest of my life

It's getting trickier every year to line up the children for their back to school photo.  Three children; three different schools; three different start times. Spencer was the first to go (grade 8). Here he is, looking like we're sending him off to prison camp but trying to pretend that he's okay with it.

Here's Neve (grade 4), managing a nervous smile. Thankfully her no-throwing-up prayers were answered, but she was on the brink of a meltdown because she couldn't find her little black shorts that she likes to wear under dresses. She dissolved into tears as we walked down our sidewalk, but when she saw her friend in the next block heading our way, the tears were quickly wiped away and the two little girls chattered the whole way to school.

Chloe (grade 11) didn't start until after lunch. She was pretty excited about going back and seeing her friends again. I think there was some apprehension involved, but she's pretty good at not showing it or mentioning it.

When everyone got home from school, I made them pose together. They appear to be enjoying it more than they actually did. It looks like the girls are going to a royal wedding. Note to self for next year: google ways to get them to pose more naturally.

They all seemed to have a good day. The day was cut short for the younger two because I accidentally booked doctor's appointments for them at 2:30. I made the appointment months ago, at which time I thought school didn't start until the following week. I realized my error a few weeks ago but I knew that it would take months to get another appointment, so I left it. Neve was very displeased about having to leave early on her first day. That was another thing she was crying about this morning. Anyway, it's over with now - turns out I hadn't taken them for their annual check-ups for over two and a half years. The doctor wasn't impressed, but I felt pretty good because no harm seems to have come from it. Well, I guess it was slightly harmful that it was on the first day of school.

I always have mixed feelings about the children starting school. The summer always goes by much too fast, but it makes a big difference that they all love their schools and have good friends. My work schedule is starting to pick up substantially, so a quiet, empty house will make it much easier to focus. Today was pretty disjointed with trying to fit work in between getting Spencer and Neve to school, going to get Neve for lunch and sending her back to school again, seeing Chloe off to school, doctors appointments, and trying to remember not to speed in school zones. And then Neve started twice-a-week swimming lessons tonight. September, you are my frenemy.


Daniel said...

Ahhh, always love the back-to-school shots! They should be holding their large plastic lunch-boxes though, complete with thermos in the lid!

Enjoy the quiet moments between running around.

Anonymous said...

I love that the group photo looks like you photoshopped all the single photos into one.

I can't believe your kids are real people now. Does everyone still have their gecky?

xo Sio

Daniel said...

Haha! Sio, I think you're on to something with the photoshop! Totally looks like it.