Sunday, October 26, 2014

Catch-up day

I’ve fallen behind on my daily blogging. When I suddenly realized there was no prize for being consistent, my motivation waned. There should be prizes for everything.

A few highlights from the past few days:
Spencer and I went to see Sherlock Holmes at MTC Thursday night. That was fun, even though Spencer barely said two words to me and always tried to be at least ten feet away from me, except when I bought him hot chocolate at intermission. I tried to appeal to the side of him that likes to be unique so I told him he was being such a clichéd, stereotypical teenager. Maybe he’ll take that to heart and he'll realize it's cool and quirky to have long talks with your mom, punctuated with lots of hugs. I’d even settle for a side hug. At least we both really enjoyed the play, so that's good.

I almost won the wine draw at work. To enter the draw, you had to put in a bottle of wine and $15. The money went to United Way and the wine went to the winner of the draw. Wendy, the person in charge of the draw, made it fun by doing a “backward” draw – every morning for three weeks she pulled a few names and on the last day, the last name picked was the winner. I was in it right to the very last day, but alas, my name was picked third-last. Doh! Except what I really said was: @#$&%*. So the winner won 43 bottles of wine and it was actually lucky I lost because I didn’t know where I was going to store them anyway.

All five of us went to the Bomber game on Saturday. I go to a Bomber game approximately once every five years and we’ve never been with all the kids (I think the older two have gone before), so it was a big deal. We got free tickets through Neve’s school and there was a big group of parents and kids all in the same section, so it was a lot of fun. It wasn’t even cold. I think the Bombers lost though. We parked at Jim & Sabrina’s and after the game, and even though they weren’t home, we stayed for a long, awesome hot tub. In fact we invited Bob & Janet too and helped ourselves to drinks. At least we fed their cat.

We finished off the weekend by going to Blake & Kristin’s for pizza that was as good as Pizzeria Gusto’s pizza, then going home and watching Amazing Race. And then we started counting down to the next weekend.

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