Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 15

It was a good day today. Siobhan is in Winnipeg this week and she came over to do a personal yoga class for me and a couple of friends this morning. That was pretty cool. All I had to do in return was bake a few chocolate chip cookies. It was great hanging out with her and even though I haven't yet convinced her to move back here, she said it was her best Winnipeg visit yet. Progress is being made.

I posted a photo of the rest of the group on Instagram, so I thought I'd post a different one here. Don't we look yogalicious?! (I don't know what that means either but I think it's a cute word).

It was another beautiful fall day. When Chloe got home from school, we went for a little bike ride and then later I went for a run, followed by a walk to 7-11 with Chloe tonight. If the weather stayed this nice, I would be in such good shape.

Also tonight, I was in the Polo Park area when I noticed the new Target was open. So I went and found out today was its first day. Someday I can tell my great grandchildren that I was at that Target on its first ever day of business. Judging by Target's sales in Canada, that's probably unlikely. I hope I'm wrong; I am a fan of Target. It's clean and civilized and empty. I guess the empty part is the problem. No fewer than four salespeople asked if they could help me tonight. I tried to think of things just to make them feel useful, like bringing me a basket and stuff. I liked it. So everyone, please go to Target and spend lots so they stay in business. The new store looks so enormous from the outside, but on the inside it seems like it's about the same size as Grant Park. I don't know how that's possible; maybe there's a trick wall with a secret compartment behind it. Now that would impress the great grandchildren.


Daniel said...

I got the same impression of Target - it's so nice shopping without other people around! I wasn't so crazy about having the men's clothes on the second floor, and the change room on the first floor, far corner, furthest from the escalator.
The secret wall hides the grow-op that they depend on to stay in business.

Anonymous said...

haha Dan!

SO great to see you, Ellen!!! I miss you already. Maybe the Vancouver Friesens and the Vancouver Keely- Cousins will have to make a road trip out there together in my camper I wanna buy. That would be FUN!!!

xo Sio

Daniel said...

Oh my, that could be interesting...