Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 27 (hopefully no one's counting)

Eleven words I don’t like to hear: “Mom, I have to build a 3D model of a chloroplast.”

Unfortunately those are the very words Spencer spoke last week. He is usually very conscientious about his work and I never have to tell him to do his homework. (I know that’s many parents’ dream, but don’t be too jealous; it comes at the cost of some anxiety issues.) But he needed help with ideas on how to construct the chloroplast model. This is what it's supposed to look like:


Seriously?! I’m usually pretty good at coming up with ideas for stuff like that; I learned from my mom who can make anything with recycled boxes and containers, and from my dad who can build anything that can be imagined out of metal. But I struggled with this one and ruled out various options before deciding to go the papier mache route. From there, Spencer mostly took over. He used a balloon as the mold for the main part and made the disks inside out of clay. But it took time: layers of papier mache, drying time, spray painting, gluing and assembly. Towards the end, he said something about his partner. I freaked a little at this new information and asked Spencer what his partner was contributing.
His answer: The powerpoint.

After listening to me rant about how that kid (and his mom) got off easy, Spencer stuck up for him and said, “He also did a lot of research. I couldn’t have done this project without him.” At least Spencer recognized he also couldn’t have done the project without me; he thanked me sincerely and asked if there was anything he could do for me. I had a long list in my head but since he was being so sweet, I left it there. I’m a sucker - he knows exactly what to say.  
Anyway, here’s “our” chloroplast. I think it looks better than the cartoon version above. We win.


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I started a Photography class tonight. It was pretty spontaneous; I only registered for it this morning. I took Level 1 a few years ago and always meant to continue to the next level. But with three kids and all their activities, there was never a good time. It still isn’t great; there will be a considerable amount of choreography involved to get through the next nine Mondays. But I loved everything about today’s class and am excited to get to my homework. (I will not be submitting the chloroplast photo above.)


Anonymous said...

Wow - that was quite the home work assignment. I thought we were moving toward a "no homework" kind of schooling? No seriously - wasn't there some talk about only doing school work inside of school hours? I am feeling a rant coming on, so I will stop here.

Can't wait to see what you do with your photography course!!

And thanks for feeding Sabrina's kitty. I am all about taking care of the furry ones when you are helping yourself to hot tubs and beverages. Haha!!

xo Sio

Stephen said...

ACTUALLY day 22. *cough*.
Seriously though, the chloroplast thingies look like crokinole pieces...

L said...

haha Steven, I guess that answers the question in the heading!

Funny you mention crokinole pieces - that's exactly what Spencer thought he could use, but we didn't know where we could get some that we could paint green.

And yes, Siobhan, every now and then the "no homework" topic comes up in the news, but it's very dependent on the teacher.