Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 29 (according to the calendar)

It was the night before the night before Halloween and much was accomplished today. I got a massage, did some errands and made a delicious butternut squash soup for supper. I didn’t even know what a butternut squash looked like before today, but somehow that crazy little gourd turned into a little miracle of a meal. I used a recipe from my sister - it has a Thai twist and it's the best soup I've ever tasted.
Baby and mommy butternut squashes

I also made naan bread to go along with it. And pumpkin-shaped cookies for dessert (not pictured).

Then we carved pumpkins, tried on costumes, and made up treat bags to hand out. In honour of my sister-in-law Joan who loved Halloween and was always very generous with handing out candy, I stepped up our offerings this year. When Spencer saw the baggies I had put together, he said, "Oh, we're going to be that house!" It's not so hard being that house when we only get about 20 kids.

Neve's costume - a bag of jelly beans.
When Neve was getting ready for bed today, she said, "I hate flossing but I love myself for doing it." I couldn't agree more. I guess I should go do the same and head to bed. Bonne nuit.


Anonymous said...

Oh Nevey...can you tell Ben to floss his teeth. He's terrible. Great costume by the way, Neve. I can't wait to see Spencer's. :)

I once read an article about home made soup. It said you can tell how much someone loves you by how good their soup tastes. Apparently, only people who love people well can make good tasting soup. You're a lover, not a fighter. :)


Daniel said...

Love Neve's costume!
The soup sounds and looks delicious. That photography course is paying off!