Thursday, October 09, 2014

Day 9

We'll make it a Throwback Thursday today. Here’s a photo that sums up what was going on at our house a year ago.

My adorable Japanese friends dropped by for the weekend and Chloe was living the dream of being a teen mom. Neve was glowing from all the attention heaped upon her by the Japanese ladies. Spencer was probably reading in his room. That was a fun weekend.
Back to present day Thursday, it was a good day, which I shall break down into point form.
  • I got lots accomplished at work, leaving the weekend relatively work-free. 
  • I bought some awesome masks at Toad Hall Toys at lunch and freaked out my colleagues. My crooked Elvis smile needs some work but it's disconcerting how much I look like a man.

  • Yesterday Neve bit into the stone of a plum and one of her eye teeth became loose. I can never remember at what age kids are supposed to lose which teeth; I took Spencer to the dentist just last week because he chipped what I thought was an adult tooth.  It wasn't. I was pretty sure Neve's was a permanent tooth so she was beside herself with anxiety. I quickly tried to downplay it and told her that as long as she didn't wiggle it, the roots would probably grow tight again (yeah, that doesn't make sense) and it would become un-loose. That made her even more anxious because she said she couldn't help wiggling it. All that to say, I got Chloe to take her to the dentist after school today and it turns out it was a baby tooth after all. It made me feel better that even the dentist wasn't sure if it was a permanent tooth; he had to do an x-ray to make sure. Although that's probably because they love our comprehensive dental insurance. Our dental woes are their joy.
  • When I drove into the parkade this morning, the machine wouldn't give me a ticket but I was able to get in because someone had smashed through the gate. But then because I didn't have a ticket, I couldn't access the stairwell and had to lurk around suspiciously until someone else came along. When I left the parkade, I thought I was going to have to pay the inflated "lost ticket" fee, but then they didn't make me pay at all. Even my annoyances turned out positive.
  • All three children know what they're going to be for Halloween and two costumes are 90% ready. We've got a bride (possibly a zombie one since I'm encouraging Chloe to obscure her face), Sherlock Holmes, and Jelly Bellies (you'll see). Chloe and I picked up the main parts of the bride and Sherlock Holmes costumes at Salvation Army tonight. If anyone has a pipe we can borrow, let me know.
  • Chloe and I had been wanting to see the movie "The Fault in our Stars" ever since it came out. We finally made plans to see it tonight. Turns out it's been out of the theatres for a long time and was on MTS video on demand. So we told the rest of the family to pretend we weren't home and went to watch it in the basement. Thank goodness we didn't see that in public; I hate trying to pretend I didn't cry when leaving the theatre after a sad movie. It was so sad but we both liked it in a heartbreaking sort of way.
That's all I can think of for now. I am heading to bed feeling optimistic for another good day tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Steve has a pipe. I can bring it to you at our yoga party. :)

I've not got on board with the Halloween costumes yet. I try to not mix my holidays (just like my liquor) so I can't start thinking about Halloween until Thanksgiving is over. :)


Daniel said...

Whew! That was terrifying - I checked your blog (for the 37th time today), and it said "Blog not found - blog has been removed"! What a relief to have it come back, after 8 more tries!

L said...

Awesome - yay, Steve! Why does it not even surprise me that he has a pipe?