Sunday, October 05, 2014

Day Five

Today was one of those rare days with nothing on the calendar. I woke up still feeling full but dragged myself out for a ten mile run. It was a cool day, but sunny and bright and I kind of enjoyed the run. I'm running a half marathon in a couple of weeks and haven't gotten in as many long runs as I'd like. I meant to do a full thirteen-miler last weekend, but I wasn't feeling great and my poison ivy was bugging me. I did a few shorter, faster runs instead but I pushed myself a bit harder than I'm used to and my knee started acting up. Yeah, I know … it's the typical pre-race excuses I always give to mentally prepare myself for a mediocre finishing time. Listening to a runner complain is about as fun as driving around Polo Park during rush hour. Or any hour actually.

The rest of the day was more leisurely; eating leftovers, reading the paper, playing Blokus with the kids. I always want to play that game but no one ever wants to play with me, so when I saw it on the coffee table after my shower with all the pieces on it, I was excited. I asked Neve who had been playing and she said, "Oh, that's the dance floor for my groovy girls." So I bribed the children with Fuzzy Peaches and we all played a rousing game of Blokus. 

After that high note, we went downtown to the waterfront to take some pictures. There was a cold wind, so we didn't last long but it was nice to get some fresh air. Spencer hates having his picture taken but he sucked it up and did pretty well.

Later I had a nap, did my summer-winter clothing swap, and watched Prison Break. It's no Suits - the plot is completely implausible and some of the acting is lame, but we like it.

I wish every day could be Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I love trooper Neve continuing to smile at the camera despite the fear that her brother may just do something gross to her.

Ah...brothers. :)

I love Sundays too.

Anonymous said...

"dance floor for my groovy girl" - I love it!!!

xo Sio