Sunday, October 05, 2014

Fencing / fall dinner

Today was Spencer's first fencing tournament of the season. He ended up with a bronze medal so he was pretty happy. He's gotten much better at dealing with losses and disappointment since I wrote this (see the second last paragraph). I was sitting near a mother and her son during the tournament, and the boy sounded very much like 2012 Spencer. He was being very hard on himself and near tears about how poorly he was doing. Shortly afterward, he had a match against Spencer and walked out in the middle of it since he was so discouraged about losing so badly. His parents eventually convinced him to finish and Spencer let him get a point or two before winning. I talked with his mother afterward and said something to the effect that Spencer used to be the same way.  I asked her how old her son was - thinking he was 10 or 11 - with the intent of assuring her he would mature. Things got awkward when she said he was 13, the same age as Spencer. Anyway, I did feel bad for the boy and his family but also happy for myself and Spencer that things have improved for him so much in this regard.
We had some friends and family over for dinner tonight. We're trying to reinstate our theme dinners that we used to do on a regular basis. My imaginative theme choice was "fall." One of the things I made was a salad I saw in Canadian Living. It was made with cabbage and turkey and cashews and udon noodles. It was to be served warm, which seemed fall-ish to me. I looked at the recipe several times before today, but somehow I missed the fact that it wasn't a salad - it was a soup. I was just about to add three cups of water when a little warning light went off in my head. That's when my magical cooking skills kicked in and I was able to convert it to a non-liquid dish. I wouldn't exactly call it a salad though. Another glitch was that I underestimated how long it would take to cook everything and I hadn't even started making dessert when the guests arrived. Luckily no one cared and everyone brought something and there was so much food it wasn't even funny. But we still laughed.

The appetizers and squash soup didn't make it on the picture

The picture doesn't do it justice. My goal for tomorrow is to take one good food picture.


Anonymous said...

I'm still full. What are you doing up at 1:44am?!?!?

Daniel said...

She's planning for the next theme, of course!

Way to go, Spencer!!! Great going!

(oh, and L? sorry, but I'm not rising to your challenge this time - my instagram will have to do!)

L said...

I was watching Suits. 2:00 a.m. is my cut-off.

Dan - fine then. I'll keep liking your photos instead.

Anonymous said... DOES one mix up SALAD with SOUP?

I'm a TERRIBLE cook and I don't think even I could do that!! hahahahah!!

I see you in ONE WEEK!!! WOOT!!

xoxo Sio