Monday, October 06, 2014


It was a busy work day today with too many emails and not enough items being crossed off my to-do list. The clock was heading towards 3:00, at which point I need to start watching the clock to make sure I don’t forget to pick Neve up from school, then zip to get Spencer from his school. Then Chloe arrived home (she sometimes has a spare at the end of the day) and the lightbulb went on. My newly licensed driver is always looking for a reason to drive somewhere, so I not only sent her to pick Spencer up, but also to Safeway to pick up a few things I needed for supper (first time to both places all on her own). We’re slowly gaining confidence in sending her out on her own. I still say an extra prayer and make her text me when she arrives, but we’re all getting used to it pretty fast. Especially when she’s my own personal errand girl – it’s pretty sweet. And it’s like I’m doing HER a favour by letting her drive. Wish I’d had that years ago when the children were little and I had to wake up a sick, napping child or two in the dead of winter to do the school pickup. I should have spaced my children 16 years apart or acquired an older step-child along the way. But those tough years make me appreciate this stage even more. And all the driver-licencing bureaucracy I was complaining about the other day? Yeah … Worth It already. On second thought, I could have been experiencing this freedom for six months already if this was the still the good old days.

The other first today was not as positive. It was the first day of the season that Neve wore her winter coat to school.  And mitts. I should be pulling out the snow boots to make sure everyone has a pair that fits because another bad first will be here all too soon.
Sheri-Lee forwarded this to me the other day. It is horrifying. It doesn't exactly fit into the topic of "Firsts", but I guess it could be "The first time I knew Sheri-Lee hates me and wants me to have nightmares."


Anonymous said...

I didn't send that to you! Stephen did! It was his idea.

I just think the music makes it so funny and the quotes at the end.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!! The eyes don't work!! The eyes don't work!! Could you even watch the whole thing, Ellen? Jim