Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Another happy Halloween is now behind us, except for the mountains of candy that wait to be eaten. This was the first Halloween in years that our annual Halloween Friends didn't join us. The kids all went  out with other friends, so Dale and I sat in the living room and twiddled our thumbs waiting for trick or treaters. We never get many, but they were especially scarce this year which was odd since it's a Friday night. People (myself included) love discussing how many kids they get and analyzing why it was a better or worse year than usual. My kids stayed out longer than usual and reaped the benefits of people's surplus candy at the end of the evening. A few people dumped their whole bowl of candy in the kids' bags. We have a staggering amount of candy and I can't quite fathom the fact that most of it will end up in our five bodies in the next week or two. 

At 16, Chloe is pushing the trick-or-treat boundaries, but she forges on. She loves Halloween and dressed up three times in three different outfits. She dressed as a dalmation for a Cheer party, as an 80s grad for school today, and a bride with a masquerade mask tonight. Thank goodness she takes responsibility for assembling her own costumes.

That would be my grad dress. I don't remember why I chose a dress that drew attention to my mid-section.

The balloons kept Neve nicely insulated on this cool evening.

Sherlock Holmes. Thanks to Steve and Sheri-Lee for the use of the pipe and the magnifying glass.

Chloe and friends (skeleton and steam punk girl)

The candy sorting and trading begins

Can't take his eyes off his candy

Even though our Halloween was different this year, it was still a fun night.  It was the first year that I stayed home almost the whole evening. I kind of missed it - I love walking around and saying hi to the neighbours and meeting new ones. I did go to a couple of houses with Neve and her friend and met some new neighbours who have tiny little twins.

Hope everyone had a happy, safe Halloween. I'm waiting for the kids to go to bed so I can dig into their candy bags.

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Anonymous said...

I advocate for teenagers to trick or treat! Enjoy your child hood as long as you can. Have fun. Make great costumes. Be safe. Hang out with friends. Do appropriate activities vs. egging houses/smoking pot/drinking to excess/playing updated versions of spin the bottle/watching disgusting movies at some crazy house party.

I totally want to borrow the Sherlock Holmes hat and jacket for Halloween next year. Please don't give it back to Value Village or anything.