Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Birthday to Joan

I have lots of time to think when I run. I think about everything from what to make for supper to things I’d like to invent. I also think about Teresa and Joan and their families. One of the songs on my playlist that always makes me think of Joan is I Run for Life by Melissa Etheridge about her fight with cancer. It makes me wish that Joan’s cancer had been beatable too, but I know she’s more cancer-free now than Melissa Etheridge or anyone else on earth and I’m thankful she’s not suffering anymore.  

But today happens to be Joan’s birthday and she is so missed down here. I made a little movie in her honour – it’s the first iMovie project I’ve ever completed, so it’s a little rough. It shows only my side of the family since I used only pictures that I’ve taken but I know she was loved by many more. They’ll just have to make their own video. :)

I bet she’s having a fantastic time in heaven right now, dancing with the angels. And the best part is she won’t even get a year older. Party on, Joan!  Lotsa Love!


Daniel said...

Thanks for the cry. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful Ellen. And yes very sad. Lexie wanted to have a party for Aunty Joan. She is missed very much! Jim