Sunday, October 19, 2014

I'm gonna run to you

I ran the WFPS half marathon for the first time today. I'm a fair weather runner so I wasn't crazy about doing a race in mid-October, but my neighbor Karen convinced me to. It turned out to be a beautiful morning and I came as close to enjoying a run as I probably ever will. Even the guy beside me in the picture above looks impressed. Actually he was probably looking to see if I was someone famous because of all the love and cheering my awesome family was heaping on me. This is around mile 10.5 and I was feeling pretty good. My legs started to get tight the last mile but it was a great run. I got my personal best time of 1:56 and 20 seconds. I'm happy about that but somewhat dismayed that I only beat my previous record by 58 seconds even though it felt like I ran way faster. Oh well, it's all good. It was a great event and I really liked that we could stay indoors right until the start time.

Chloe took the above picture with her phone; check out the ones below that Dale took with my good camera. Not only is every photo blurry and far away, I am not on one of them. 

My personal favourite - no photoshopping involved

While we're talking about pictures, I vowed to take a food photo a few posts ago. Here are some squares I made yesterday:

They were fudgy brownies with raw cookie dough (no eggs) no top. I got the recipe from a co-worker and it was the first time I tried them. They are rich and sweet and heavy but so delicious.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your marathon win!!! It WAS a gorgeous morning. Jim

Daniel said...

Great photo, Chloe! (Dale, better luck next time) I love the guy trying to figure out who this superstar is that's passing him.

The squares photo looks like it was borrowed from a fancy recipe website. In other words, they look like I could (and would!) reach in and grab them!

Anonymous said...

I am now drooling and have forgotten all about your amazingness when it comes to running and Dale's lack of amazingness when it comes to photo taking....

bet they weren't as good as your cookies though. mmmmmmmmm Elle's cookies......

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

What the heck was Dale smoking?? :P

Congrats on your personal best. Now that you know how lovely the fall run can be will you quit the stupid hot MB Marathon? Just wondering.

Mmmmm...raw cookie dough without eggs, why have I never heard of you before??