Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thanksgiving #1

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house today. It was the first holiday we've had without Joan and she was missed very much. She loved turkey dinners even more than the average person and I could just hear her telling us all to slow down and enjoy every bite. She would have had fun today visiting and laughing and playing with her grandchildren and seeing what all the kids were up to. It's always busy and loud and a bit crazy when my family gets together, and Joan seemed to love it. It's so hard to believe she will never be at one of our family dinners again.

But my mom still cooked and we still showed up and we still talked and ate and laughed and tried to carry on as usual even though it will never be the same again. I guess all we can do is keep showing up and hope that it gets easier.

Tia turned 18 yesterday (just in time to vote in the civic election!). My mom made a chocolate chip chiffon cake, which was our favourite birthday cake growing up. I think I had three pieces - it was so good.

Cutie Cruz

Going for a ride on the manure spreader that my dad converted into … not sure what to call it. A passenger trailer? This is something that's hard to explain unless you've grown up on a farm and you know my dad.

Nixi was intrigued with Methuselah, my aunt's giant one-armed vintage doll. It's hard not to be.

Working on a project

The return of the frustrating bead craft. It went better than it did in the summer, largely due to more strategic placement of the iron.

Laughing cousins (and one on the iPad)


Anonymous said...

I hear ya. I felt the same way when we were with Lowell's family yesterday-we gave a toast to Lenore, and shed some tears, but then in a heartbeat everything just keeps moving along and people are getting jobs, going on trips, studying at school and I realize again that we keep living even when someone has died-and the pain hurts a little less, but there is still a hole in the family. Looks like it was a great day with yours-I hope it does keep getting easier.
-Cousin Carolyn

Daniel said...

So much to love in this post, along with the very sad thoughts. I can perfectly hear all the laughter in that last shot, and I can hear Joan's laugh to go along with it! So many fond memories of her joyful presence.

Is that a helmet on Nixi?! I'm pretty sure that's a first on a minibike on that yard!! I think a snowmobile helmet was used once or twice on the bigger bikes, but only when taking a really big jump. The guardian angels were kept busy the rest of the time.

I love that the smaller girls are the counter-weights on the see-saw, while the older ones are along for the ride!

Nixi is so cute with Methuselah.

Sad to have missed it (again), and looking forward to seeing you all soon!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being our family photographer! Love the pic of spencer laughing. Jim

Anonymous said...

This was a great post, Ellen. I also love the photo of Nixi with Methuselah - hilarious!! The doll is standing on her own - kinda creepy!

Always sad to get through family events when one is gone. Thank heavens for lots of laughter.

xo Sio