Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanksgiving #2

Today was the warmest Thanksgiving Day I can remember. Of course my memory isn't that great so maybe it's this nice every year. But I don't remember ever having to dig out shorts from my summer clothes bin before. Whatever the case, the lovely weather made it easy to be thankful today. 
Besides the usual "family and friends" thing, here are just a few pictures of things I am thankful for.
A healthy body that allows me to go for a run on a beautiful morning:

Flowers still blooming in mid-October:

Reading the newspaper and eating breakfast on my front porch:


The neighbour's cat who kept the squirrels and birds away from me as I sat on the front porch:


And that was all before noon. In the afternoon, we raked leaves and spent as much time as possible outside before heading to Dale's mom's for Thanksgiving dinner.

This morning, I told the children to take pictures of things they were thankful for. In a rare turn of events, they didn't listen to me. On their way to bed, they quickly took pictures of the first thing they saw.

Chloe uses this almost every day and is very thankful for this:

Spencer is thankful for Doctor Who and just happened to be wearing this t-shirt:

Apparently Neve took a picture but forgot to send it to me before she went to bed, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what she's thankful for.
I hope everyone had a happy long weekend with much to be thankful for.


Daniel said...

We are thankful for our popper too, as it gets a lot of use!!

That weather looks wonderful! Breakfast on the porch is so nice, especially with the cat helping. Jenn says it's going up to 24° in Ontario - she didn't pack summer clothes!

Looking forward to Neve's 'thanks' item!

Anonymous said...

Your kids make me laugh!

(and, as you can see, I am getting caught up on my reading here!)

xo Sio