Friday, October 03, 2014

The garden

Reluctant model with our garden treasure

I've tried growing tomatoes many times, with no success. If I was lucky, a few tomatoes would develop but they'd rot at the bottom before they ripened. I wasn't going to try again this year, but my mom gave me a plant in spring so I plunked it in a pot and waited for it to fail. Once again, low expectations must be the ticket because it's my most successful year ever. And by successful, I mean I have harvested exactly one tomato so far. There are lots of green tomatoes, but this is the first ripe one. Neve and I had yummy toasted tomato sandwiches for lunch. I took a picture of the sandwich but it seems I'm not awesome at food photography so I'll let you imagine it instead. 

My tomato plant. I should probably pick all the green tomatoes before the frost but I'm holding out for one last heatwave.

I actually have a second tomato plant: this is a hanging cherry tomato plant. Shortly after I brought it home, it started to whither and die but eventually a happy resurrection took place and it has provided us with lots of cute little tomatoes.

Most of my plants and flowers did better than usual. My window boxes have never been so full. I got a tray of filler plants from my sister-in-law Joan; my mom had kept them inside during the winter, then divided them up in spring when they started growing again. Joan was an amazing gardener. Her yard is beautiful and she loved working in it. I love having her plants this year; I'm pretty sure she had a hand in making my plants flourish this year.

This is my little strawberry plant. We got a few little berries here and there; there was no jam-making or anything.

Day 3 isn't really a banner blogging day either. I'm sorry for making you look at my plants. Go check out some other blogs: ShannonCorinna … anyone else - Dan? Steve? Siobhan? It's only Day 3...


Anonymous said...

i know i know.

But awesome plants!!

Toasted tomato sandwich - now I want one....

Anonymous said...

oops - that was me, Sio.