Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Won't you be my neighbour?

The house next door is for sale. It's been vacant for a year and a half since our neighbor moved away. I wrote about him here, and sadly I came across his obituary in the paper this spring (yes, I'm one of those people who read the death notices every weekend). He had a few health issues, but he was still pretty young and it's sad that he didn't get to enjoy his retirement.
The house had fallen into disrepair and one of his co-workers bought the house to flip it. It's been the slowest flip in the history of flips. I don't even think "flip" is the right word. Months at a time passed without any work being done on it. Dale and the Flipper talked about building a new fence, but then he started avoiding us. Suddenly last week, the For Sale sign went up. I instantly went on the website to view photos. It looks like he's done a nice job opening up the main floor, installing new floors and replacing windows. There are no photos of the basement and very strategically-angled ones of the yard that make it look okay. But in reality, the yard is a mess. I can hardly stand that he didn't invest a few bucks and a bit of time and effort into cleaning up the yard. I don't claim to be an expert on flipping houses, but I've watched HGTV.
I've seen cats, rabbits and squirrels crawl into that crack under the stairs. Not all at the same time. Some of them have never come out. Cutting down the scraggly cedar was a good move, but the result isn't exactly breathtaking. And taking down the Christmas lights would take approximate 45 seconds and would look less sloppy. I would like to print this photo and circle all the problem areas and leave it in his mailbox.
Then there's the backyard.
I have yet to see one person coming to see the house. I don't mind if no one buys it because I like not having neighbours on one side, but I feel kind of bad for Flipper. He seems like a really nice guy, even though he avoids us. He just needs to watch more HGTV. If anyone's interested in a little house, come be my neighbour. Be prepared to do some yard work.


Anonymous said...

if only Winnipeg weren't so cold!!

And the christmas lights? for real???

xo Sio.

Anonymous said...

You should offer to help stage his house and ask for a cut.


Daniel said...

If not a cut, at least to be able to screen the potential buyers!

I wonder how many bunnies are under that porch by now.