Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas shopping begins

After setting a world record for the slowest flip ever, the house next door sold after being on the market for a few months. I'm not sure why there is an "I" in front of the "sold" on the sign. Is the sign itself sold? Should there be an "it" at the end? An "am" in the middle? I curious about who our new neighbours will be and I hopeful that they will want to build nice fence with us.

I doubt it's a coincidence that the house finally sold shortly after a fresh layer of snow covered up the chaotic backyard and the gaping hole under the front steps. The snow appears to be here to stay. This disappoints me. I'm always hoping for one of those once-in-a-century years where the snow doesn't come until mid-December. The only good thing about the snow (besides increasing the property value next door) is that it makes me think about Christmas shopping. Often I have a good start by now, but I've had no desire to go shopping yet. In fact, I have been in very few stores the past few months. I'm tempted to stay home and buy everything online, but my goal is to shop local this year. Very local, in fact. I'm trying to buy what I can in the smaller stores in my neighbourhood. I ventured out today for the first time and ended up buying things I didn't need, just to support the nice neighbourhood business owners. It will end up costing me a fortune, but it won't crush my spirit like the mall would. Except when I'm broke. Oh well, nothing's perfect. There are some things that I know I'll have to get at the bigger stores but if I don't make it there, everyone's getting Tiber River products.
One other thing that got me started thinking about Noel was the Santa Claus parade on Saturday. We watched it at my work with family and friends and I took lame pictures. I still have much to learn in my photography course. But it was fun as always and it's good to know Santa's in town taking orders now.

Here are some pictures that turned out better, due in large part to the cute subjects.

PS: Happy birthday to Siobhan!


Anonymous said...

haha! thanks for the shout out!!

i actually thought you were gonna shop so local, that you were gonna shop in the basement and closets.

i totally hate shopping lately, too. i had all kinds of spending money in hawaii and saw tons of cute stuff but bought nothing. well, except for a few hawaiian things for the house. and today i had a fabulous bag in my hands that went back on the shelf, and i actually need a few pairs of yoga pants but walked thru lulu and came out empty handed.

instead i bought groceries and am about to set up netflix (gilmore girls) and make coconut veggie stew. or something like that.

xo Sio

Daniel said...

Aww yes, you do have a couple of sweet subjects to shoot! I'm counting down the days till I see those cute subjects and all the rest of the family! Two weeks!! Woah, I'd better start packing.

Glad to hear the house sold - have any of the bunnies come out from under the porch?