Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Home day

I really wanted to go to a Remembrance Day service this year, but as I drove home from my photography class late last night in the cold and snow, I decided I would pay my respects from inside my warm home, where I am very grateful to live in peace and comfort. I’m never sure what activities are acceptable to do on Remembrance Day; anything too frivolous feels kind of wrong but I guess whatever makes you appreciate the sacrifice of others is fine. We seized the opportunity to spend the entire day at home, which was a rare treat. Neve created PowerPoints for fun, Spencer played Minecraft, and Chloe hung out with her cousin. Dale and I worked in the storage room for a couple of hours, cleaning and organizing and clearing a path to the freezer. We didn’t go through the file cabinets or dig into any boxes but it still feels a hundred percent better. We vowed to allot an hour or two each week and cycle through each room in the house. When it’s Storage Room’s turn again, we can dig deeper. Except by then, we’ll probably be right back at the Before picture. But it’s a brilliant plan in theory.


Dale’s sister from Florida and her family have been in town for a few days and are leaving early tomorrow morning. Chloe was thrilled to have Sarah here and they spent every possible minute together. It’s always hard for them to say goodbye. At least Alex from Target (click here if you’ve been living under a rock or have no teenage girls in your household) is now following Chloe on Twitter, so she has reason to go on.

As mentioned above, we got snow yesterday. Siobhan may be doing handstands on the beach in Hawaii but here we have a thin little layer of snow trying to stick around. I’m cheering for the sun to do what it does best and get rid of it. I’ve got my heart set on a few more snow-free weeks. At least my niece Sarah was excited to see snow.
While it’s lovely to have a day off on a Tuesday, it’s messing with my head. It feels like it’s Sunday night but the real Sunday feels like it was more than two days ago. And tomorrow is like Monday but it's really almost the weekend again. I better get to bed so I can finish this weird week strong.



Anonymous said...

Alex from Target...what the heck. Oh man, that's crazy. That poor kid. Instant celebrity status...for bagging groceries and being cute.


Anonymous said...

I'm home now. Back to doing handstands in snow free Vancouver :)

xo Sio