Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Lots of photos

For the few of you who may be interested in seeing some of the fruits of my photography class, today's your lucky day. The rest of you: maybe it's your lucky day too but you'll have to look elsewhere to discover that. 

The first group is from the Legislative Building. It's such a beautiful building with lots of detail. At my class on Monday, we looked at the pictures everyone took and it's so interesting how the exact same thing can be shot so differently - different angles, distance, etc.   

The next batch is from the Western Canada Aviation Museum.

And the last two are from a bokeh assignment. Bokeh is when things in the background are out of focus, which I didn't know there was a name for before this class. 

Next week we're going to the Forks for another field trip so we'll see what comes out of that. 


Anonymous said...

Nice. I think you're photography skills are blossoming.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics!! I like the winding staircase one the best! Jim

Shannon Silvestri said...

LE these look great! The bokeh is my favourite!! So cool!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the bokeh ones! They are gorgeous!! Love taking photos like that as well. Beautiful Elle!!!