Thursday, January 01, 2015

A puzzling happy new year

Happy New Year, everyone! We had a nice relaxing celebration at our house with Blake & Kristin. I copied an idea from Pinterest that involved balloons marked with every hour til midnight, each containing a paper with an activity for the kids to do (like decorating cookies, running around the block with glowsticks, playing a game, etc.). I put this together literally half an hour before they got here, so it could have been more creative but the kids liked it. We also walked over to Tim & Karen's for a while, so the evening flew by. I don't feel particularly motivated or inspired by a new digit at the end of the year, so my life will probably just proceed as usual.

My blogging blitz hasn't been very blitzy … sorry, Darla. But I've got something awesome for you today that should make up for it. And by awesome, I mean pointless and lame.

Do you feel resentful that I made you just waste 43 seconds of your life? If it makes you feel better, think how much time I wasted. I could've wasted a lot more if I'd adjusted the pictures so the colouring and placement was identical but I had to draw the line somewhere. Spending three solid days putting together pieces of cardboard is bad enough. (I returned the puzzle that came in the wrong box and just did one I already had. There was a piece missing, but I'm not passionate enough about puzzles to let that bother me much.)

I've also just finished my second book of the holidays so today is a day of wandering around the house and doing a lot of nothing. Most of the Christmas decorations are down but I need to organize the bins and tuck them all away under the stairs in the storage room. My only other goal today is to change Swimmy's water because even a fish deserves a fresh start to the new year. Dale took the older kids to a movie, so I told Neve I'd play with her in a bit. That's a risky promise: I have to be prepared for anything from a fashion show or dance-off to playing Barbies. I'm going to push for reading.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I hope you succeeded in reading!! Derrick says you should push for a nap...

The puzzle video was hilariously weird. I loved when Neve appeared on the floor. You're funny Elle!!



Anonymous said...

Haha.... I feel like I can take some credit for the blitz and the puzzling video! :) I love the balloon every hour activity. Might have to steal that for future party! Happy New Years!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Ellen - will get those coffee dates to you. Lisa