Friday, January 16, 2015

Home projects

Today was one of those days where I looked in my pantry and reached the tipping point. It was so full that the peanuts I bought at Costco wouldn't fit. So I pulled everything out, wiped the shelves, threw out all the stale crackers and expired yeast (not sure why I even had yeast) and brought some organization to my life. These before and after photos are a good reminder that I really don't need to take pictures of everything.* You are forgiven if you can't tell the difference. But my family did, so it was Worth It. I'd actually like to apologize for this whole paragraph; I'm 100% sure not one of you came here to read about my pantry. The only reason I'm not deleting it is to serve as a reminder to myself that sometimes it only takes ten minutes to make a difference.

*I am pretty fond of this "during" picture though.

And sometimes it takes years. We (I) have been working for some time on making the dining room look less like a Nicaraguan prison cell and more like a warm inviting space where we can live laugh love (imagine that in a classic, yet modern cursive font). Maybe it’s also possible to live laugh love together in a Nicaraguan prison cell. I shouldn't write about things I know nothing about. 

I love a nice cozy, pretty home as much as the next person, but let’s just say no one has ever told me I have an eye for decorating. I have friends (Shannon and Kristin – I’m looking at you) who can magically transform an entire room in one hour with three dollars, a pipe cleaner, a scrap of fabric, and some foliage from the woods. Things move a little slower and more awkwardly at my house. I’ve been talking about updating the dining room for five years, bought some materials in July, wallpapered in September, and made some further strides this week. Our dining room is small and consists only of two walls (one of which contains mostly windows) and a table and chairs, so it’s understandable that you may wonder how on earth this could take so long. And we’re not even getting a new table and chairs at this point! So … basically the project consists of redecorating a wall. I really do suck at this. But that’s okay; I accept myself for who I am. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it … I WILL finish this project! And then I’ll post pictures! Until then, here is a before picture, taken in May. I tried to make it look as nice as possible so I wouldn't be accused of purposely exaggerating its plain-ness.

So I may not be awesome at home decorating, but I feel like I’m pretty good at something else. I saw this on 22 Words and was reminded of this (you have to scroll down past all my snow-melting pictures). I wouldn’t describe myself as photogenic so much as just inexplicably joyful when someone takes a picture of me running.


Anonymous said...

ahhahahah...the during picture is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sabrina organized our pantry and other cupboards as well. I share in your excitement for organized cupboards! Jim

Anonymous said...

I also organized our pantry the other day!! Among the expired crackers and banana flakes, we had a 1/2 empty container of hot chocolate that we bought on BOWEN. We haven't lived on Bowen for over 4 years. If we haven't drunk that (drank that? drinked that??) by now, then it really needs to go!!

I am excited for the dining room after! Chair cushions? A rug? Plants? A wee cat in its own bed in the corner? What?!

PS - I commented on your Target post but did it from my phone so I don't think it went through. Or maybe it did. I didn't check the next day. This may be a moot point. "Moot Point" doesn't really fit this scenario but I like saying it. Moot Point.

xo Sio