Wednesday, January 07, 2015

New Years goals

Fun fact: I posted almost the exact same picture last year around this time.
It's that time of the year where we can't see out of the windows anymore. In the Kielburger brothers'  book My Grandma Follows Me on Twitter and Other First World Problems one of the first world "problems" is:
I can't see the winter wonderland outdoors
because my windows are fogged over from keeping
it nice and toasty inside for shorts and t-shirts.

Okay, I agree it's pretty great having a warm house and is certainly not the worst problem to have, but it's definitely a more legitimate problem than "I'm trying to text while driving but I keep getting green lights." It's our big old front windows that are the problem and they're way beyond just being fogged up. There's a solid layer of ice. Luckily the frost patterns are very pretty and I could post a different frost photo every day if I felt like it. Also there's nothing that great to see outside these days anyway.

So we've been inside a lot. It's amazing how much time I have with no Christmas shopping, baking, wrapping, parties or concerts to go to. This time of year always brings out my hopes and dreams of fresh starts, or what most people call New Years Resolutions. I don't want to be like everyone else so I don't like to call them that. I know it's a new year and I am resolving things but I prefer to call them January Promises. Nah, "promises" sound like too much of a commitment. I'll call them ... January Best Intentions.

High on my list is less time on my phone. It's embarrassing how time can slip away while I'm checking email, texts, Facebook, blogs, Instagram, Tumblr, and then since so much time has passed that I need to check email again. Chloe and Dale are even more guilty of being addicted to their phones than I am. So we're all making a conscious effort to limit our non-work, non-studying screen time. I'm limiting Spencer and Neve's screen time as well in hopes that we will all play board games and do string art and go skating and make our own soap. Actually I just want more time to read. I have a few good books on my nightstand that I never seem to have time for, so that's my number one January Best Intention.

Using up some valuable screen time

Speaking of reading, there was an article in the paper today about the parkade I use when I go to work. It's gotten much better since they started locking the stairwells, but it's still sketchy. My credit card has been compromised three separate times after using it there. It's common to find smashed car windows, all kinds of bodily fluids, empty liquor bottles, and the odd passed-out person. Last winter I found a woman struggling to get out of the elevator on the second floor. She had been beaten up and had her money stolen by some guys on the top level and she was trying to get away. But between the effects of the beating and the alcohol she had consumed, she couldn't get herself out of the elevator all the way and the doors kept opening and closing on whatever limb she managed to stick in the door. It was not a pretty sight. I tried to convince her to go down the elevator to the main floor, but she refused because she was scared the elevator might go back up to the top again. So she leaned her considerable weight on me and we somehow miraculously made it to the street level, with her bleeding on the coat I had borrowed from Chloe that day. As luck would have it, the downtown BIZ patrols walked by at that very moment and they called for help. Anyway, I hope this negative publicity will motivate the management to do something instead of raising their rates and turning a blind eye. (And yes, I could park elsewhere, but I don't mind a bit of drama in my suburban life).

Also in the newspaper was this gem:


I love the quote from "VLT player." So insightful! That is a quote worth pinning. I'll probably write it in fancy calligraphy on my decorative chalkboard. I also love the horse playing VLTs with all four hooves. If that doesn't make a person want to gamble, I don't know what would.

No wonder I never get to my nightstand books - the newspaper is way too interesting.


Anonymous said...

My January Best Intention is to read more of Ellen's blogging...which means she has to blog more. :)


Anonymous said...

Hahah! I agree with Sheri-Lee!!

Your parking lot sounds scary. But rather exciting!!

And I also made a promise to be on my phone less...until I realized I could a lot more posting and therefore promoting on the go. I have to work on balancing being on it for real purpose vs farting around.

xo Sio