Thursday, January 15, 2015

Oh, Target

I’m trying to keep things in perspective. In a world of terrorist attacks, cancer and child poverty, the closing of all the Canadian Target stores is not the end of the world. But I’m still sad. The loss of over 17,000 Canadian jobs is a pretty big deal. Think of all those employees worrying about an uncertain future. Target says they will try to pay them for the next sixteen weeks, but the pressure of looking for a new job before your pay cheques run out is never fun.

On a more selfish note, I love Target and will miss it. As a non-Walmart shopper, I often went to Target and did a lot of my Christmas shopping there this year (I did my part!). The store was clean and bright, the employees were helpful and it was generally a pleasant shopping experience, even for someone who doesn’t love shopping. I admit there were issues with understocked shelves, but as far as people’s complaints that the prices and brands were different than the US store, I don’t know how anyone could expect them to be exactly the same. We’ve seen the same thing with Old Navy, Bath and Bodyworks, Pier One and any other highly-anticipated store from the U.S. For reasons that I won’t pretend to know, that’s just how it is.

I do question their marketing plan; opening big new stores while the existing ones are failing seems like the opposite of common sense. Mistakes were definitely made. I’m disappointed that they failed so badly. I’m disappointed they are letting down so many workers. I’m disappointed that more people didn’t shop there. I can hardly handle that all the same people who hated Target are going to pounce once the liquidation sales start. Only loyal Target supporters should be allowed. I have a RedCard!

Meanwhile, Walmart is opening another new store on Taylor. I get a sinking feeling every time I drive by. I have to give them credit for having better business sense than Target, but that’s the only nice thing I’ll say about them. They are notorious for their poor treatment of employees, unfair wages, terrible environmental practices, and putting small local companies out of business. I’ll be taking the Target closure as a kick in the pants to shop the smaller local stores as much as I can.

I don’t mean to judge anyone by where they shop. Everyone has their reasons and their rights. I am just flush with disappointment and had to get that rant of my system.

I heard this heartbreaking news on the radio today. A couple from Manitoba had just arrived in South Africa to be with their son who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident when they received news that their daughter was killed in a car accident back here. The daughter leaves behind a husband and two little children. Suddenly I have nothing more to complain about regarding Target or anything else. 

Sorry to leave this on a sad note. I will try to blog again tomorrow with something cheerier.


Anonymous said...

I didn't shop at Target and don't shop at Walmart. Just thought I'd mention that. Did the lady that die in a car crash, did it happen on Dugald rd? A friend said their receptionist died in a car crash Tues morn. Jim

L said...

Yes, it was the crash on Hwy 15/Dugald Rd. It said in today's paper that she had just started a new job. So sad.

Thanks for clarifying where you shop. Why would you shop anywhere that doesn't sell caddy parts?