Tuesday, February 03, 2015

It's February ...

We somehow sailed through January, my least favourite month,  and it’s now Groundhog Day. At least it was when I started writing this. We got mixed messages from the groundhogs this year so I’m not sure what to think. It’s such an unintelligent tradition – I know Groundhog Day is just for fun but if aliens are observing Earthlings, they’ll think we’re all idiots. I’m not sure why I care what aliens think of us, but maybe the world would be a better place if we all did. WWAT. I think that could catch on.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately for no good reason. I find my evenings have been less busy since Christmas. The children are still busy with their activities, but between carpooling and Chloe driving herself – and often the other kids – around, it’s very manageable. There are busier times coming – gymnastics competitions, birthdays, a wedding, work-related photo shoots and events, and preparing to go on a spring break holiday, but there are lots of free days too. So I’m not sure why I feel so anxious. I can hardly focus on the few things I have to do now because I’m stressed about things coming up in the future. It doesn’t make sense, especially because I like being busy (within reason). I guess I’ll just blame it on winter or a vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalance. I do a workout video most days but my lack of outdoor exercise may also be to blame.

Two things I’ve been consumed with lately:
  • I just finished reading the book Darla gave me for my birthday called A House in the Sky. It’s about a woman from Alberta who was kidnapped and held for ransom in Somalia for 15 months. It’s an incredible, well-written story that totally captivated me. I couldn’t put it down all weekend and I still can’t stop thinking about it. You should read it and then we can all discuss it. Except now I’ve played it up too much and you’ll be disappointed. No, you won’t.

  • Carbs. I am hungry and think about food all day long. Between my unexplained anxiety and my cravings, you’d think I was pregnant. You would be wrong. Maybe I have a tape worm. I’d google my symptoms, but that’s never a good idea. I try to eat carrots and fruit and nuts, but what I really want are warm fudgy brownies and flaky croissants and cinnamon buns dripping with cream cheese icing. I make cookies or brownies almost every day.  I eat huge handfuls of chocolate chips. I discovered our IKEA now carries the rolls of chocolates that we used to buy when we lived in Toronto. I hide them from the children and sneak them when no one’s looking.
So that’s what’s going on over here. If you have leftover Christmas chocolate, you know where to send it.


Anonymous said...

Carrot sticks are boring. and
i was thinking about your cookies the other day. I actually often think of you when I drink tea (which is when I was thinking about the cookies). And not just because of the cookies. I just like drinking tea with you!

I find eating an incredibly filling breakfast helps with cravings. Lately. it's been 2 eggs, black beans, and an entire avocado. This morning I added mushrooms. And I top it with salsa. It's super yummy and all the fat and protein keeps me going for quite a while. And its way better than carrot sticks.

It's also winter. We crave yummy chocolatey stuff when we are depressed about the weather. And a mid life crisis. Oh wait - is that just me??

xo Sio.

Anonymous said...

We are so samers! I'm reading that book too! And ... I have been craving carbs lots too! Gah. I'm trying to drink hot water with lemon to ward them off....sometimes it works, sometimes not. Will have to try Sio's trick!


Anonymous said...

I like how your food talk sounded like a confession tape.

I think we want carbs because we're loading fat for the cold winter -- it's a basic instinct. Yep. That's what I'm going with.

Ellen, you should get a dog. You have to walk your dog every day. EVERY DAMN DAY. It helps with the outside exercise bit. It also helps to have a husband who the dog likes better and you can guilt into walking the dog on the really really cold days. On a funny note. I trained 2 years for a half marathon and a full marathon and never lost weight (I lost about 5-10 lbs right at the start but gained it all back during my training) BUT after walking the dog every day for 6 weeks I had lost 10 lbs and it stayed off...until Christmas. Ahem. Moral of this story. Get a dog...or not.

Can I borrow your book to take with me to San Diego/Mexico? I'm leaving Feb 18 for about a week and will need some reading material.


Daniel said...

I know how you feel about the unexplained, or rather, unwarranted anxiety - I was stressed all weekend about a very small part I had to play in a presentation yesterday. I don't know why this particular one was such a big deal - I've done the dog & pony show many times before, but for some reason, this one just gnawed at me all weekend. Maybe I'm pregnant. Now THAT would be worth some anxiety!!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Dogs also keep birds away, Ellen. You'd have at least a 6 metre radius of 'bird free zone'.


L said...

Sounds like a big breakfast and a dog would solve most of my problems! I might try the big breakfast, but am thinking the dog might create a few different problems! Although you almost had me at "keep birds away", Sheri-Lee. I have lent the book to another friend already but I will give it to you when I get it back (can't promise it will be before the 18th).

Anonymous said...

read the book and really enjoyed it. Jann Arden wrote a song after she heard the author speak, or after she met the author...powerful message about staying mentally strong.
Which I am not when it comes to sweet stuff, and I don't do an exercise tape everyday.

make sure you blog something about the photo shoot...that sounds interesting!
-Cousin carolyn