Thursday, February 05, 2015

Spelling night in Canada

The picture is fuzzy because even after taking a photography class from a reputable school, I still suck at taking pictures. Getting out of my seat and moving closer to the stage wouldn’t have hurt, but I guess I thought my course would teach me how to take stunning photos while staying seated in my comfort zone. I should ask for my money back.
I’m not a huge fan of boasting about my children online. I don’t want to come across sounding like my children are better than anyone else’s (although of course as their mother, I do have some biases) because nobody likes that person. Every child has strengths and weaknesses and different skills and talents. I found out recently that spelling is one of Spencer’s strengths. I did not see that coming. I would have voted him the least likely of my kids to win a spelling contest. But somehow he won one of the titles of class champ (there were two from each class) and moved on to the Grade 5 to 8 school spelling bee.
The school spelling bee is a big deal. They choose a theme every year; this year’s was Hockey Night in Canada, and go all out. All the participants had to wear hockey jerseys and have a hockey stick, which was worrisome for this non-hockey family. Through a magical coincidence, my sister scored Spencer an awesome Oilers Gretzy jersey.  We searched our property until we eventually found a hockey stick in the corner of our garage and Dale taught Spencer how to hold it properly. Fake it til you make it! Anyway, long story short, it was pretty impressive with the ref, announcers, and official looking logos and player pictures on the screen. If I may be a Negative Nelly for just one second, there was only one thing I would have changed. When a speller spelled a word incorrectly, they played the song “Another One Bites the Dust” and a clip was shown on the screen showing bad hits and falls and other hockey screw-ups that always caused laughter (because nothing is as funny as someone getting a concussion). So it always seemed like people were laughing at the child who trudged defeatedly off the stage. I guess they kids are old enough that it wouldn’t be too devastating, and hopefully they all figured out the reason for the laughter eventually. Spencer performed respectably and lost in the third round (there were 26 to start with and maybe 10 left after him). He misspelled “millennium.” He was only mildly disappointed though; he achieved his main goal of making it to the spelling bee and the rest was just icing on the cake.
That’s the most exciting thing that happened around here this week. I'm still craving sweets. Someone gave me a jar with cookie ingredients for Christmas - the kind where you just have to add butter and eggs. I made them this week and they were very delicious. Somehow, I have no recollection whatsoever of who I received this from. The tag called them Butter Pecan Delights, which normally I wouldn't be drawn to since it doesn't contain the word chocolate. But they were a big hit and I'd make them again if I had the recipe. So if you are the person who gave me that lovely gift, let me know. I would have thought lots of happy thoughts about you if only I remembered who you were. 
Neve was sick with a cold and missed one and a half days of school. She loves school and was in a sour mood after her first afternoon back because of all the things she had missed out on. And I was in a sour mood after listening to her talk endlessly about all the things she had missed out on. There’s a limit to how long I can pretend to care about who sits where in the new seating arrangement.
Here's some bonus spelling bee footage. (I held my breath when he asked if he could start over.) Okay, now I'll stop with the child-bragging.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Spencer! That is super he made it to the spelling bee and got so far! I want to come cheer him on next time!


Daniel said...

Love the hockey theme! Nicely done, Spencer!

I don't remember for sure, but I don't think we gave you the cookie mix. Hope you find out who!