Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

I started writing a blog post on the weekend and now suddenly it’s Wednesday. The week is zipping by too fast. I blame Louis Riel. Long weekends mess things up, but I love them. Especially this one since it was cold enough to talk myself out of doing anything outside.
Valentine’s Day was the highlight. My nieces Bailey, Tia, Bella and Lexie (it was her first year) all spent the night on Friday so we could wake up and have our annual chocolate cake breakfast the next morning. I love it so much that they make the effort to come every year, especially the one who squeezed it in between volunteering with youth and heading to two different jobs the next day. Luckily she didn’t have to start too early so we didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn, wolf down our cake and rush off to school or work like we usually do. Everyone could take their time to sugar up nicely.
Side story: I was humming a song while helping Lexie in the bathroom and she looked at me sourly and said, “I don’t like buttabiss.” I had to ask her to repeat that a few times before I realized I had been humming the song “All About the Bass.” Turns out she really hates that song. I do too but I guess it was stuck in my head and I was humming it subconsciously. Of course after that I kept singing it because hearing her call it “buttabiss” was so funny.

In the evening, Dale and I went out for dinner. Valentine’s Day + gift card = Homer’s. I’d always wanted to go there and was not disappointed. I felt like I was in Greece. At least until we felt the icy air when we opened the door. Maybe it gets cold in Greece too; I’ve never been there either.
Other things we did this weekend:
  • Went to the art gallery with Chloe and Spencer. The kids wanted to see the Salvador Dali exhibit. So did a lot of other people. We tagged along on a guided tour and found it pretty interesting. I’m embarrassed to say it was the kids’ first visit to the art gallery.
  • Bought a van. I will expand on that another day.
  • Went shopping with the girls. Neve turns ten in four days and I’m lamenting the passing of her childhood. Overall, I’m grateful that my children are growing older because it means they are alive and healthy and progressing to the point where I don’t have to do their laundry or help with homework. But every time the littlest one has a birthday, those baby years drift that much further to the land of distant memories. I know we baby Neve a thousand times more than we did the other kids at her age; when Chloe was her age, she was basically raising her two younger siblings on her own. I guess that’s how it goes. Anyway, due to her upcoming birthday and the realization that she won’t want little fancy party dresses forever, the girls and I went shopping for a new dress for Neve. We went to a lot of stores; she did more comparison shopping than we did for the van. In the end, she chose one from Sears, and once we finally tracked down the lone employee on duty – in the garden tractor department – we were on our way.
I thought I had more to say but if I don’t post this now, it will be outdated by the time I remember. Things are getting a little crazy around here. Spencer had to dress up like a character from the book The Outsiders today and bring a relevant snack. Next, he has to make an Egyptian mask. Chloe had science fair today (except they call it something else). She had three partners but somehow she ended up being responsible for a large part of it. I believe the devil delights in group projects. Neve has to dress like a storybook character next week and go to gymnastic competitions every other weekend, and of course turn ten in four days. I'll try to do small little one-topic blog updates to keep on top of things.

Me and my valentine


Anonymous said...

I love that photo of you and Dale!!

Dressing up like a character from The Outsiders?? So, dress like a thug?? Or a girl who dates one??

And now that buttabiss song is going through my head.

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

ahhahahahah...this made me laugh out loud in my hotel lobby.

Buttabiss. Ha!

We bought a van. Expand on that later. WHAT??? You definitely need to tell more of that.

Comparison dress shopping in Sears...lawn tractors...ahahah.

Dressing as an Outsider? What is that private school teaching your kids about inner city life? Tell them my kids dress like thugs ever'day in the 'hood.

I'm totally sure Greece has -40 days. Uh...wait...nope. p.s. it's 18 degrees in San Diego right now. Tee hee.

Hugs and misses,