Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter / Trip Update #2

I better get a move on and get this trip documented while it’s still fresh in my mind and while things are relatively calm around here. The two younger children are now on antibiotics and feeling better, but the oldest one is not feeling great. Some muggy, tropical air sure would be nice … (my Florida relatives will be laughing at that – it wasn’t muggy for them at all compared to summer time).

But first, here is the annual Easter pictures with my children and nieces and nephews (my mom is in the picture too with her Easter flowers). The Easter baskets with real grass are always a big hit.

We were missing my oldest nephew and his family but they're expecting their third baby any day now, so next year there should be a few more little heads in this picture. It was the first Easter without my sister-in-law Joan and we missed her. Last Easter was the first family get-together after she was diagnosed with cancer. She wasn’t feeling great but she still managed to show up for a while, bringing gold Lindt Easter bunnies for the kids and helping her grandchildren find their hidden candy. I remember some of us sitting in the living room and as I listened to Joan talk and laugh just like usual, I felt so relieved and just knew she was going to be okay. So much for my intuition. This year Sabrina brought the Lindt bunnies, but Joan's spirit lives on.
Okay, back to the trip. On the way to Miami, we dropped in to see my parents who spend their winters in a village near Orlando. It was a quick 24-hour visit because they were heading home later that week and we wanted to get to Miami while my niece Sarah was still on spring break. It’s always good to get a glimpse into my parents’ life there so we can see how they spend one-third of their year. We shook up their peaceful existence with some exuberant pool activity and wild golf cart driving.

I look forward to growing older if it means this is what I would see every morning.

Chloe's birthday started here. My mom served up some cake while we clapped.

Neve is apparently in her happy place
Goodbye, Grandma & Grandpa!

Then we got back into the trusty Town & Country and headed south for a few more hours. This was a happy reunion:

Sarah is in her last year of high school so we felt pretty lucky to be spending her last high school spring break with her. These girls were together literally every minute until Sarah went back to school the next week.

Dale's lovely sister made us delicious shrimp burritos for dinner (Chloe's request), followed by a chocolate masterpiece that Sarah made for dessert. Spencer also had his birthday while we were away so Jean had her hands full making my kids' birthdays special. I got off easy this year.

More clapping ensued.

If being in Florida and seeing your grandparents and your cousins and aunt and uncle all on the same day isn't an awesome birthday, I don't know what is. I've got to say she's a pretty delightful 17-year-old; I'll expand on that another day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Chloe!

What a great way to celebrate turning 17.

Glad to hear most of you are feeling better.


p.s. I got to verify I'm not a robot by clicking on pictures of pizza (after it showed me a picture of what pizza looks case I didn't know). ;)

Anonymous said...


Oh, Foff is realizing time goes FAST!!

xoxox Sio.

Anonymous said...

Loved episode 2 and just have to say... Jean has quite amazing arms!