Monday, April 06, 2015

Spring Break in Miami

After almost a month of blogging absence, here I am. We just got back last night from a two week vacation; I meant to do a post before we left but things were a little frantic. Now we’re back and despite my usual vacation vow to live a simple, uncomplicated life from now on, the frantic-ness is creeping back. A full email inbox, homework crises, school forms, laundry, and no food in the house are not conducive to a tranquil lifestyle. And apparently the hot water tank missed us because it was crying tears of joy upon our return. We discourage displays of emotion around here so we had to throw it out and get a new one installed this morning. Welcome home.

But we had a wonderful vacation. The driving went very smoothly and the kids were troupers. Our new van traveled well and was great on gas, which I’m sure Dale will be happy to expand on if you ask him. We saw my parents near Orlando and Dale’s sister and her family in Miami. We stayed in a condo near the beach for a week and soaked up the heat. There were two cooler days but most days were hot and sunny. I’ll do a more complete update when I have more time; for now I just wanted to check in so you don’t remove my blog from your feed or your Favourites.

Hope you all had a relaxing, happy spring break and are feeling recharged!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!!!!! Missed you!!!


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xo Sio