Monday, April 20, 2015

Trip Update #3

It’s cold today. After decent weather last week and an especially beautiful day on Saturday, it’s a shock to the system. No matter how often I tell myself that any nice days in April are pure bonus days, I’m still disappointed. We had a staff meeting at Fort Whyte Alive today and let me tell you that walking around the lake in the icy wind and flurries while encountering giant geese sitting on the road did not make me love that place more. I’m not exactly sure what it would take for me to love that place more; maybe a spa? A teepee full of cash I could help myself to? A place where you could go and hold sleeping babies that look and smell exactly like my babies did? Those are the three best things I could think of apparently. None of them involve geese.

Anyway, a day like today has got me pining for Miami. So here’s the next installment.

We stayed in a condo near the ocean for a week. The condo itself was awesome but the building complex had some issues. It was a new-ish complex consisting of three buildings and I’m not sure what the architect was thinking. Or maybe the architect had an awesome plan but the client pinched pennies resulting in a less-than-perfect outcome (right Dan?). The pool area was on the fifth floor in the middle building and to get there, we had to take the elevator from our 14th floor condo down to the fourth floor. Then we had to find our way through a labyrinth of hallways and the parking garage (!) to the next building, where we had to choose between a lengthy wait for the elevator or a stinky dirty stairwell to go up to the next floor. So that was fun. I’m sure there was a really good reason for not making a walkway from our building on the same level as the pool but I can’t imagine what. The parkade was another maze; we were pretty surprised every time we actually found our way back to our parking spot. Leaving the building on foot to walk to the beach or shops was also tricky. There was no sidewalk from the front door to the street (a fair distance), so we had to dodge all the traffic coming and going from our complex. 

Okay, I know that’s a lot of complaining, but I wanted to document it in case we’re tempted to rent a condo here again. Don’t do it! You can do better! 

Seriously, other than that, it was awesome. The kids (including Sarah when she slept over) all fit easily into the big master bedroom with its own bathroom and walk-in closet. Dale and I took the smaller bedroom. We loved hanging out by the pool, swimming and reading and sleeping on the loungers. We also spent lots of time on the balcony. We didn’t have an ocean view but we faced the bay which had a pretty nice view. It was cool seeing the boats and watching the drawbridge go up when necessary.

Night view from our balcony

Playing Dutch Blitz

Spencer preferred reading on the balcony to being by the pool

And Dale prefers wide angle shots.

Tomorrow (maybe): the beach! I'm sorry. I can't believe this is stretching out so long. You'd think we were gone six months. If I'm not done by Friday, I will give up. 


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the stretched out recaps!


Daniel said...

Yup, I'm all about savouring and drawing out the enjoyment of your trip!

Love your top 3 best things instead of geese!

Yes, I'm sure the Architect designed the condo with a nice glassed-in walkway on the 5th floor (with nice views and excellent air conditioning and nice music playing). The contractor conveniently left that out of their budget estimates, substituting a labyrinth, and claiming that the walkway as designed would cost an extra $11 million. Of course, the owner asked the Architect to redesign the walkway at least 17 times, including several while the contractor was already pouring the concrete on the 4th floor, but in the end, the owner couldn't decide on one of those 17, and let the contractor build what they could do for only an extra $7 million. (oops, that went on for a bit longer than I'd intended!)

The view of the drawbridge is fun! Love the night view. Looking forward to the beach!

Anonymous said...

Don't give up! I like to live your holiday vicariously including the stinky stairwell and labyrinth hallways. Did it feel like an suspense/action movie every time you went to the pool?

I'm pretty Daniel is exactly correct in his version the building design and construction. :)


Anonymous said...

p.s. I like that someone put a towel on the statues's very Mary Magdalene-ish.