Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trip Update #4

I took a lot of pictures on the trip, but not nearly as many as I usually do. I'm losing a bit of interest in "capturing images," mostly because the quality of a lot of my pictures suck. They're not focused properly, the angle is wrong, or they're just not composed well. I'm thinking there are some things that just can't be taught, to me at least. I'm okay with that for now and I'm sure there will come a time when I'm interested again. But I like the picture above, even if it is a little enhanced. 

I really love the contrast of the ocean and the tall buildings. There's something about apartment buildings and high density housing that has always appealed to me. I love the idea of so many people living so close together and I love seeing lights on at night and imagining the lives of the people who live there. It's the opposite of where I grew up in the country, and while I loved the wide open spaces and many other things about that, I was always fascinated by city life. I'm also pretty crazy about the ocean, so the combination of those two things could be added to my list of favourite things from yesterday.

Dale and I got up early one morning and walked to the end of this pier, but the pelican ruined the moment:

I blurred out part of the girls in the background above but now it looks like they're naked. They almost were and it seemed to stand out in the photo but I'm not sure if I made it better or worse. Probably worse since I'm now drawing attention to it.

This is us hanging out at Jean's favourite beach in Miami. The colour of the water there was amazing and so clear (below). We saw lot of fish underwater, even without the snorkels that we dragged 3000 km across the country. The coolest thing we saw was a whole bunch of fish jumping out of the water in an arc just like you'd see in a cartoon.

This is one of my favourite pictures of the whole trip. This guy was trying to take a selfie with the blimp in the background. We saw a LOT of selfie sticks and they still look silly but he really could have used one. Of course I could have gotten up and offered to take a picture for him, but this was more fun.

We met up with Neve's friend from school and her family on South Beach one afternoon. The girls were delighted to hang out in Florida together and the adults had a pretty great time too. After the beach, we went for drinks on Ocean Drive then for dinner on Lincoln Road, which is a cool stretch of shops and outdoor restaurants (the street names will mean nothing if you're not familiar with Miami, but I'm just adding details for my future interest). The kids drank giant (virgin) pina coladas and dared each other to eat hot crushed peppers (with bad results) and ran back and forth to a nearby jewellery store while we waited for our dinner. Great memories for all of us.

Up next: Things we did that didn't involve water


Anonymous said...

1. Thank you for blurring the picture. I see enough butts at work.

2. I'm impressed with how tanned your little red head looks in the pic walking on the beach.

3. I want to holiday with you. It sounds magical. I would also protect you from birds.


Anonymous said...


4. I hate selfie sticks. They are embarrassing to me.


Anonymous said...

That whole part about the pelican was way too funny...

xo Sio