Friday, May 15, 2015

Catch-up blogging

Random picture from Neve's gymnastics competition last week
I had today blocked off to go to the zoo with Neve’s class but I found out yesterday that they had enough volunteers. This was both good and bad news: good in that I now have a completely free day to do with as I please but bad in most other ways, which I shall list for you.
1.       I’ve been to the zoo three times since the new polar bear exhibit opened and I have yet to see those lazy bears swim overhead in that tunnel. I bet today would’ve been the day.
2.       It’s perfect zoo weather – bright and sunny but cool enough that the zoo smells are kept to a minimum.
3.       Now Neve wants me to volunteer for another full-day field trip next week and I can’t say no, even though next week already involves volunteering at the plant sale and attending her class assembly.
4.       I feel overwhelmed when I suddenly have free time and constantly feel like I’m not making the most of it. Plus I way over-estimate what I’m actually capable of and end up doing almost nothing productive. But I’ve already done some work, been for a massage and drafted a resume and cover letter for Chloe (Baby’s first resume!) so I should just celebrate what I’ve done so far. And now I’m blogging, even though I should be running errands or cleaning my house.
Before I proceed, let me do a tiny bit more complaining about how busy I am. That’s my favourite. Feel free to skip this paragraph if you want. This week Neve had soccer twice (plus a practice that we missed), a gymnastics windup at Vertical Adventures, and piano. Spencer and Chloe had youth on different nights, Chloe had cheer practice, and I had dragon boat practice. Chloe also had her IB chemistry exam this week and Spencer had a Medieval Feast at school that required a costume and bringing chicken pot pie, sausage, and naan bread. Oh, I also had to provide a veggie tray to Neve’s windup and ice cream sundae toppings for Chloe’s youth night. And I’m sure there’s more that I missed. I don’t think I’m any busier than most moms this time of year; crazy season has begun. Okay, I’m done with the moaning now (I’ve read two back-to-back British books so I’m picking up their slang. Sometimes I didn’t even know what they were saying. Lisa, I need you to translate!).
Moving on to several miscellaneous topics, in no particular order.
Spencer slaying a dragon
The Medieval Banquet. This is a big event for Grade 8s at Spencer’s school. They decorate and prepare skits and songs and everyone can invite one guest. Spencer only invited me as a last resort, but I pretended I was still honoured. It was yesterday afternoon and I have to say it was pretty impressive. We were served medieval food (open to interpretation) and the whole gym was dimly lit with candles and decorated with family crests and stone walls and a maypole. All the kids were dressed up in pretty elaborate costumes. Spencer was a nobleman (not so elaborate but we did okay with what we had).
Doctor visits. We’re usually a pretty healthy family but I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say we’ve been to the doctor more in the past month or so than in the last five years combined. Neve had a chest infection, followed by an ear infection. Spencer also had a chest infection and Chloe broke her toe, which required two follow-up visits because it was fractured right at the joint and they wanted to make sure it healed properly. I felt bad about that one because I told her there was nothing they would do about a broken toe so it wasn’t worth going to the doctor. But it got pretty swollen and ugly so she ended up taking the bus to Urgent Care one Sunday morning when Dale and I had both vehicles. In my defense, besides checking the x-rays, there’s really nothing they did to fix it.
Great screensaver option - permission granted.
And yesterday I had sharp pains in my ear and a very sore neck. I rarely get sick so when I do, I’m pretty sure I have cancer and have six month to live. Usually it’s strep or something minor like that, but when I went yesterday, it was nothing. Everything was fine. Of course I’m glad it was nothing, but not only was I hoping it would be something that could be fixed with antibiotics, I also felt very silly. I pride myself on not going to the doctor unnecessarily so that claim to fame is over now. However, I love my walk-in clinic. We are always in and out of there so fast. When I took Neve to her pediatrician for her chest infection, it was an hour long wait in a loud, chaotic waiting room that made me anxious and claustrophobic. Same thing when we went back two weeks later for the follow-up. So when she got her ear infection, I took her to the walk-in instead. She complained about her ear when she came home for lunch; we got to the walk-in at 12:40 and she was back in school by 1:00. That was a happy ending.
Lexie’s birthday. It was actually a couple of weeks ago that Lexie turned four. Jim and Sabrina had both their families over for cake to celebrate and it was the first family get-together in their new house. In fact, they moved into it only two days earlier and were already unpacked and organized and hosting a party. The main floor is big and open so it’s a perfect party house. I can’t believe Lexie’s already four, but she’s as cute and funny as ever so it’s all good. It was also my oldest brother's birthday, so we added his name to the happy birthday song as well.
The Teresa Thiessen 5K Memorial. It’s a little late in the game to be advertising this, but if you are looking for something to do tomorrow morning, or maybe you’ve never been to Rosenort and have always wanted to go, here’s your chance! Teresa’s family is organizing a memorial run to raise money for the river trail in Teresa’s memory. Registration is at 9:00 at the Rosenort Arena, $10 (Kids $5 or free depending on their age). Donations are also accepted. Check out the facebook page for more info.
New baby. My nephew and his wife had a baby a couple of weeks ago, so the girls and I went to see her on Monday. She is beautiful and her two older siblings seem pretty crazy about her. Baby Vana didn’t make a peep the whole time we were there; she was so laid back and easygoing despite being passed around.
So adorable. I wish they lived next door so we could hold her all the time. And play with the older kids. They’re so funny and have such character. Here are a couple of pictures they drew for Chloe and Neve. We admired the multiple layers of stickers on Nixi’s picture.
I should have a contest to see if people can guess what Cruz's picture is.
Once you know, it’s actually pretty obvious. It’s wrestling. I believe it’s wrestlers in a ring. I love it.
On that note, I should run and get my errands done before school is out. Happy long weekend, everyone!


Daniel said...

I like catch-up blogs - lots of random things in there! I need to do one soon...

Great handstand, Neve!! So straight!

Medieval Feast sounds fun! Spencer looks to be enjoying killing the dragon.

Ouch!! Poor Chloe's toe! What happened?!

Glad you had a good day for Teresa's 5K - nice to celebrate her that way.

Oh, and I love Cruz & Nixi's cards!! Of course those are wrestlers.

Anonymous said...

I would have guessed 3 snails dancing...

And ditto on the toe?! What happened??

I love the teeny tiny babies. That family makes some pretty cute and healthy kids!!

Medieval Fest - sounds super fun!!

And you ARE busy!! Here's my week:

Taught 5 yoga classes over 3 days
Did a photo shoot with Jenn
Did a grand total of 10 hours of nannying
Bought a back pack
Bought some socks (those shopping moments were on 2 different days - so busy!)
ate some sushi
played with the cat

You should come visit! I can show you unproductive like nobody's business!!

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

I thought it was 2 frogs on a lily pad, at first...but then I was totally like...those are wrestlers. Ahem.

Next time you have free day and you want to procrastinate, call me and we'll go for coffee. Except not until after June 7th because I am frantically trying to finish a quilt I'm making for Ben's 10th birthday. I went hard at it from September to November but then did nothing until the end of March. Ugh. It's a secret so I have to do it while he is at school on my days off. Which means: my house is for real, disgusting; we're eating very poorly because I have no time to prep meals; I have neck and back pain from feverish hand quilting; and I'm grumpy...especially because it is the busy season and we've got soccer x 2, violin, cello, school concerts, recitals, auditions, school field trips to volunteer for (using valuable quilting time! ack!), birthdays, gardens to plant, dogs to walk (because if we don't she's a crazy maniac in the evenings), plus we had an auntie from BC come to visit and friends to host overnight on their road trip from ON to SK (which was super awesome because we haven't seen them in forever)... did that get so rambling? Ugh. Right. Coffee dates. So, until June 7th we can coffee date if we go to the Starbucks near your house and walk my dog WHILE we drink our coffees so I can sit and quilt without her barking at me to play later in the day. Because then I have to stab myself in the hand when she startles me and swear a lot.


L said...

I'm not very good at replying to comments, but I do love them and read them, so thank you!

Toe: Chloe slipped on a dress-up wig lying on the playroom floor and stubbed her toe. Everyone assumed it was a Cheer injury; no one assumed a wig injury.

S-L - Will definitely keep you in mind! Would love to procrastinate together. Good luck on the quilt!!

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