Wednesday, May 27, 2015



I’m obsessed with outside right now. I love the weather, the lilacs, the blossoms, and all my plants. Everything is fresh and green; it’s a whole new world out there. We eat all our meals outside, do work and homework on the deck, and spend every possible second not inside the house. Neve runs around outside with the neighbour kids every evening, biking and scootering and trampolining. Chloe and Spencer are at an age where they don’t really “play” outside anymore, but they go for bike rides (to the library usually) or walk to 7-11. I’ve been planting flowers and weeding and tidying up the flower beds. Last Saturday we spread 3 yards of mulch around the yard, which I was pretty excited about. It looks very mulchy right now but it makes the yard - especially under the front trees - look a lot neater. I’ve bought a bunch of flowers already, but still need some more for my window boxes. I’m going with an all-white theme in the window boxes this year. It may look really boring but I’m going to find out.
After spreading mulch
One of my new favourite plants - the flowers feel like paper.
Other than that, the only thing I’ve been doing is going to all the end-of-year school stuff – choir performances, band concert, special assemblies, etc. I volunteered for an all-day field trip to the U of M with Neve’s class last Friday. It had its fun moments, but it pounded home the fact that I am not teacher material. The U of M leader assigned to our group thought I was a teacher until near the end of the day (as I was physically holding the door of the racquetball court shut so the whiny kids couldn’t get out). I think he was pretty relieved to find out I was just a parent, not someone responsible for guiding and nurturing a whole class of precious souls. There are approximately 84 more school events that I have yet to attend before the end of June. And let’s talk about the last day of school: June 30!! Seriously? What life-changing school lessons will they be taught on the 29th and 30th? Surely we can finish things off on Friday, the 26th and call it a year. I need to write a letter to someone. But I won’t.
I just finished the book Hope about the girls in Cleveland that were abducted and held for a decade. Parts of it were tough to read (emotionally) but I figured if the girls wanted to share their story, the least I can do is read it. I thought they did a great job of telling their story but it’s still impossible to fathom what they went through and how they survived ten years of hell. It was definitely a story that will stay with me. And now I’m scrutinizing all my friends and neighbours’ houses so if I see you have a padlock on your basement door, you better have a solid reason.
After that I needed a lighter read, so I’ve just started The Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. It’s definitely not as riveting as Hope but the title says it’s life-changing so I’m giving it a chance. The only problem is that it means I have to spend time inside getting organized so I’ll have to wait for a rainy day to change my life.

My mom, sister and I went for pedicures today. It was one of those places where professionalism isn’t their highest priority. When customers walked in the door, the staff didn’t get up; they just called from wherever they were, “We’re busy now; you have to wait!” (“But I had an appointment ….”  “Oh okay, I take you now.”). Eyebrow threading is done in the main room while everyone in the pedicure chairs watch. My mom’s lady was checking her cell phone during the pedicure. But their hearing skills were excellent. After we were all done, we were left abandoned for a long time without a word and one of us wondered aloud, “How long are we supposed to sit here.” One of the workers was sitting 15 feet away doing gel nails and she replied, “One more minute.” We laughed among ourselves and whispered about how she could possibly have heard us, and then she said, “I can hear everything!”  

Fire in the backyard with random crazy kids. Dale looks like he's posing for an advertisement. Not sure for what - roasting sticks, maybe?

Neve doing spelling on the deck


And finally, one more photo of the mulch ... an aerial view this time. I tried to build a berm on the right but it looks like a grave.

PS. The random spacing and fonts on this blog bug me to no end. One day when I have time, I'm going to fix that.


Daniel said...

I hope you can fix the random spacing for me, too! I struggle with it every time: preview, "nope", try another space or two, "nope", etc. Grr.

Very funny about trapping the kids in the racquetball court!! Love the all-hearing manicurist - haha!

I'm happy for you that you're getting such awesome weather! And that you're appreciative of it! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I agree re: the weather! We've been doing as much outside as possible. Hooray. And today is rainy...a great excuse to sit and read (and quilt if you're me because I have to finish Ben's quilt before next weekend for his bday).

I had to look up 'berm'. Way to go Landscaping Ellen.

I'm pretty sure I've been to the same pedicure place. I couldn't help but chuckle and enjoy my bad (but nice and cheap) service. Some times the audacity of some people has to make you smile.


Anonymous said...

Oh..I almost forgot...that last day of school on June 30th has been bugging me since the beginning of September. Really?? Bizarro.


Anonymous said...

Sheri-Lee - tell me what a berm is. I don't wanna look it up.

As for school after the 26th - just don't go! Especially because I will be in town...

I love that Neve is doing spelling on an iPad. Whatever happened to the slate and pencil?

Nail salon story made me laugh out loud.

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

With pleasure, Sio:

a flat strip of land, raised bank, or terrace bordering a river or canal.
a path or grass strip beside a road.
an artificial ridge or embankment, e.g., as a defense against tanks.


L said...

That's a fancy definition, S-L! I meant a little bump or hill, but maybe I used the wrong word!

Sio - it's not an iPad, it's a Boogie board, which is basically just an electronic version of paper and pen. It doesn't do anything else. Neve likes practicing her spelling words on it. And sometimes we do go old school and use regular paper & pencils!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how many tanks were in your neighbourhood. :P

I think you used berm appropriately. You can now say your yard is terraced. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks S-L!

And Ellen - I still prefer slate and pencil myself. The pencil cost a penny at Mr. Fuller's store.

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

I hear everything!!! That made me laugh. Reminds me of " ah, no debit"