Monday, May 11, 2015

The day of the mother

My Mothers Day bouquet
So I’m really trying to get back up onto the blogging horse and ride it more often. Awkward analogy there, but time and energy to sit and write just doesn’t happen as often as I wish it would. Thankfully there are always photos to remind me of what I’ve missed. I have pictures from various events over the past few weeks, but in the interest of getting to bed at a reasonable hour, I’ll stick to Mother’s Day for today.
The younger the child, the more excited they are for Mother’s Day. Neve still falls into this category, but I’m already mourning the time when she will no longer make me cards and presents at school and hide them in her backpack on Friday and be so excited that she can hardly keep a secret until Sunday morning. This year, she even planned out my morning and wrote me an agenda the day before.

Here she is Sunday morning between 9:15 and 9:30. I could get used to that.

Here we all are at 9:30, shortly before breakfast is served.  I don't normally look this presentable right when I wake up. The massage must have made me glow. I'm pretty crazy about these kids. Makes those three C-sections well Worth It.

Dale made me crepes with strawberries, bananas, ice cream and chocolate sauce. I got presents from Dale and the children. I got all kinds of Body Shop goodies and candles, a book and a bag. Chloe is my shopper girl; she always knows what I like. The cards were awesome too. This is Neve's:
You heard it here first. You may notice on the checklist that the only quality that I don't have is bravery. But I'm crafty and wise, so I can't complain. She also drew a lovely picture inside and wrote me a long note (part of which I instagrammed yesterday).
Chloe also made me a beautiful card - totally pinterest-worthy with a sweet message. Spencer ... well, let's just say card-making isn't his thing. He asked me the night before if he had to make me a card. I told him he could just tell me nice things in person instead, so that sealed his decision. Inside his card it said, "I love you so much I made you a card. - Spencer." 

This is us later when we're dressed (Spencer was already dressed in the bed photo because he always puts on a clean shirt after his evening shower and saves himself five seconds in the morning.) It's tricky to get everyone smiling at the same time, but the children were all so cooperative on Mother's Day. I must use that to my advantage in the future.

Dale's mom and nephews came over for brunch after church. We played Rook because that's what Dale and my nephews love to do, Mother's Day be damned! Chloe kindly agreed to be the fourth player so Dale's mom watched and I read the newspaper. Later, they all posed nicely for a photo with their awesome, sweet grandma.

Then we went to my parents' for dinner. More posed photographs were taken. Here's me and my mom and sisters. My mom is pretty amazing. She is hard-working, resourceful, funny and good at everything.

Then we lined up the children with their beloved grandma. The cheerful cooperation continues! I guess Jordan had gone home by then; maybe I'll photoshop him in from the Easter pics except I think he had grass in his beard in those pictures.

So it was a busy day but it was a lot of fun. I'm at the age where a lot of my friends have experienced the loss of a mother (or father), or are caring for parents with health struggles. I feel so fortunate to have both a healthy mother and mother-in-law and that my children have grandparents in their lives that love and care about them so much.


Anonymous said...

(I tried to comment from y phone last night - didn't work)

Derrick wants to know if Neve didn't check off "brave" because of your bird fear....

Spencer's card was way too funny. As are his t-shirt wearing time saving antics.

Awesome photos of everyone posing so nicely!!

DID you get to bed at a decent hour??

xo Sio

Daniel said...

So much to love in this post! Neve's card is funny and sweet! Spencer's - well, thanks for showing up. ;-) I'm totally going to use his dressing method - I hope the buttons on my shirt don't leave nasty impressions on my face.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post! So sweet and funny and great pics. And I totally did not know you were so good at piano!

Also, the 15-minute hand, face, shoulder and feet massage with lotion sounds fab! :)