Sunday, June 28, 2015

Au revoir, Chloe!

We drove Chloe to the airport this morning and sent her off to Quebec for a month. We are somewhat used to her being away, but five weeks is a long time. We had breakfast at Stella's in the airport after checking in, but service was slow and then suddenly we saw there was a super-long line to get through security. None of us except Spencer were that hungry in the first place since we all had little knots in our stomachs, but we wolfed down our breakfast and after a quick photo and hugs, Chloe rushed over to get in line. Ten minutes later, she texted that she was already seated in the plane. The plane left the gate 11 minutes early, so we cut it pretty close. It was Dale's worst nightmare, but it all worked out in the end.

The four of us that were left behind headed north for a little drive instead of going home to a Chloe-less house. I've always been curious about St. Ambroise Beach, so we went for a little picnic on the beach even though no one except Spencer was hungry yet. It was an interesting place in the middle of nowhere. There were only two other cars when we got there, but soon more people came. I wouldn't call the beach beautiful, but it's very natural and un-commercial, which was nice. Although if there had been a Starbucks nearby, I probably would've bought a frappucino. The line between natural beauty and luxury is a little blurry. But if you're looking for a place to have a private midnight bonfire on the beach or illegal activities that require a lake, this is your spot.

Without Chloe around, the scales tip in the favour of the non-beach-loving family members (sigh … it's going to be a bad summer), so we only stayed for about two hours before heading home. But luckily, Rob & Gab invited us to their pool that is loved by all of us. Jim and Sabrina were there too, which makes three days in a row of seeing their little munchkins. I'll have withdrawals tomorrow. It felt like summer vacation, swimming and eating and drinking and talking and laughing. It seems weird that there's school tomorrow. But it's only June so we have a whole long summer ahead!! Bring it on!

Look at those muscular dads. Not sure why Jim is hiding underwater.


Anonymous said...

Bonne chance, Chloe! (Et bonne chance Mama et Papa...Que ferez-vous sans votre pilote supplémentaire?).

You could have asked me about St.Ambroise because I know it's all about the illegal activities requiring a lake. Ahem.

And I have to admit I thought, "Hey those dads are are in pretty good shape for old guys." Hahahah. "Where'd you get that rad dad bod?"

Watch it to the end because my favourite comment is "Yeah. This is just laziness...and bad clothing choices."


Anonymous said...

Today Steve was getting ready for church and I said, "Where'd you get that rad dad bod?" And we both spit laughed. ahahahhaha.


L said...

haha that's awesome! Rad dad bods indeed!

Yes, I will greatly miss our pilote supplémentaire :( Now Spencer will have to bike to Safeway to pick up things I need.