Sunday, June 14, 2015

Big sigh of relief

What better way to start a blog post than with a cute puppy? Meet Izzy, our neighbours' newest family member. She is so cute and curious and entertaining to watch.
She loves our sandbox

And our flowers ... real or metal, it doesn't matter. They're all delicious.

I took a bunch of pictures but Izzy was not interested in sitting still and posing for the camera, so most of them were blurry.  Neve has been over there a lot this last week; it's pretty exciting.

For the last couple of weeks, I've been consumed by a work project that I do every year around this time. By the amount of time I spend on it, you'd think I'd be producing another book of the Bible or curing cancer, but no. It's merely a directory of  all our member organizations. It sounds like it should take a lot less time than it does but no matter how prepared I try to be, it always involves a stretch of long hours and late nights. I barely left my desk all week and Dale took care of everything involving the children and the house. I finished the majority of it this weekend although there will be minor (I hope) changes after the proofing process, I feel like I'm slowly floating back up to the surface of life. So deep for a Sunday evening.

One of the few times I left the house this week was for Neve's school carnival. It's always a good time and the weather was perfect this year. Neve had such a blast. Her and her friends decorated a Cozy Coupe for the bike/anything-with-wheels parade.

And lots of time was spent in the foam pit. This was a new thing this year and it was a huge hit. It was kind of gross if you thought about it too much, but I secretly wanted to try it. There were also hamster balls this year, which is the latest craze (bubble soccer, anyone?)

We also went to the Jazz Festival last night at Old Market Square. The music was meh but the food stands were amazing. We had just eaten dinner at home, but suddenly we were all starving. So we had butter chicken, pizza and a round of crepes. It was awesome. Equally awesome was watching a caterpillar climb up the back and neck of the guy sitting in front of us. He was physically all over his date in a super annoying way so we didn't tell him about the caterpillar. We enjoyed that a lot.

Now that the height of my busyness has passed, I'm hoping to get on here a little more often. I know, I've said that before. My intentions are pure.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...I thought about the foam pit too long and it did gross me out. :)

And your jazz fest story made my day. I love you for that.


Anonymous said...

The foam pit grossed me out as soon as you said "foam pit", and yes, the caterpillar story was hilarious!!

Your last blog post about the boy at Chloe's school was heart breaking.

But this one was funny, so way to balance thing out! haha!!

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

And my heavens but I can't believe I did not comment on the PUPPY!!!!! You distracted me with foam pits!! That puppy IS ADORABLE!! I love the photo with the metal flowers!

xo Sio