Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day at the lake

For the first time in many years, none of us participated in the Manitoba Marathon. We just weren't feeling it this year, so we didn't sign up for anything. Which was perfect, because my sister invited us to their cottage for the weekend. I gotta say, it was a lot more fun than running (shout-out to my neighbour-friend Karen who ran the full marathon for the second time!!).  

I'll post some more pics another day, but I just wanted to spread some Father's Day love … first to Dale, who I can't imagine not raising my kids with (most awkward wording ever). He would do anything for the kids and they love him to pieces.


Then to my dad, who has been a solid support in so many ways for all of my 45 years. He makes life fun  for the whole family, especially the grandchildren. 

And I also need to recognize this dad - my brother-in-law Bob - for cheerfully pulling my kids on tubes and skis and surfboards for hours on end every summer! 

It was such a great weekend with (part of) my family - I'm feeling very lucky and thankful tonight. Happy Father's Day to all the other awesome dads out there.


Daniel said...

Agh, so much good in this post (despite the less than graceful wording)!!!

Happy Father's day to all of the dads in my family! We've got a great bunch!

Daniel said...

(Speaking of less than graceful, that was supposed to be "Ahh")

Anonymous said...

Or was it "aaargh" (as in 'The Castle of Aaargh').


Anonymous said...

p.s. I like this post.