Thursday, June 25, 2015

June Update

I took way too many pictures last weekend at the lake and haven’t had a chance to go through them yet. I still struggle with digital photography. Sometimes I miss the days of dropping off film and picking up the envelope with your 24 or 36 pictures (and a couple extra if you were lucky). Now I take that many pictures in a minute and am drowning in digital images that I don’t know how to manage or store safely. But that’s a post for another day. And apparently so are the lake pictures.

There is always a lot going on this time of year. I finally finished my big annual work project; it is being printed as we speak. I’m relieved it’s done but I always worry I will find a huge mistake when it comes back from the printers. So that burden is never fully lifted off me, which is awesome.   

Chloe finished her last exam over a week ago so she’s living the dream. Or dreaming the life. She sleeps til noon and bakes squares in the afternoon. She’s also been babysitting and getting ready to go to Quebec, where she’s doing a month-long French immersion program. I wouldn’t say she’s super excited about it, but she doesn’t seem nervous about it either. After her Churchill and youth trips, she’s used to being away from home but this will be the longest stretch yet. It’s been nice having her off early; she’s been helping out with cleaning and driving and we’ve done a couple of things together like going to Olive Garden for lunch (she’d never been), shopping, and eating Bronuts (a trendy new doughnut place) in Old Market Square.

Spencer’s last day of school is today. His last day of classes was actually Tuesday, but today they have a “fun” day at the park. He was off yesterday and I had good intentions of doing something fun with him and Chloe but I had a very work-heavy day and barely left my desk. He didn’t seem to mind. He is a home-body who is very happy to spend his day on a perpetual cycle of listening to his Bob Dylan records, playing Minecraft and playing piano. Sometimes he’ll mix things up with an episode of The Simpsons or reading some pages of a U2 biography. Fresh air and social interaction are the weak spots in his day. There are some fresh air prospects though: he’s got a lawn-mowing job for a neighbour today after school that could potentially turn into a regular gig, and he wants to go help my parents on their yard. Not out of the goodness of his heart unfortunately; he wants to earn money for a drum set. That’s also a post for another day.

And Neve is buzzing about, excited about all the June activities. She loves school, she loves her teachers, she loves her classmates. She said the other day that she wished school wouldn’t stop for summer, but I think that is because of her anxiety issues. She always gets stressed at the end of summer about the new school year; she would just prefer to stay in a routine all the time. This week she started training to be a patrol/crossing guard for the fall. This has been her dream for years and I believe it is fully living up to her high expectations. Her school doesn’t end until June 30 and since they’ve already received their report cards, there is nothing but fun ahead. Oh, and Family Life. This is the health unit about their changing bodies, which is something their shy male teacher has left until the very end of the year. No doubt he was hoping for a heatwave or a burst water pipe or a natural disaster that would have closed school early and saved him from teaching this unit. No such luck; maybe next year.
I’m always kind of sad when the school year comes to an end. I guess I kind of like routines as well. Chloe will be in her last year of high school this fall which I don’t even want to think about. Spencer will switch schools in fall so there are definitely some sad feelings about leaving LCS and friends that’s he been with since kindergarten. But he’s also excited about the new options ahead and being at the same school as his sister. I’m excited about no tuition fees and an extra half hour of sleep every morning instead of driving him to school. The children grow up and life goes on (if you’re lucky) and there’s nothing you can do about it. May as well relax and make the best of it! (constant pep talk to myself …)


Daniel said...

Aww, I like hearing about your kids - they're a great, interesting, and just quirky enough group of individuals! Chloe sleeping and then baking squares made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Is Chloe willing to donate her squares to charity...i.e. the Krymusa charity?

Crazy about the upcoming fall...last year high school, Spencer to Kelvin...yikes. My oldest niece graduated from high school this year. Craziness.