Sunday, July 26, 2015

Andy Lake - year 2

We just spent a magical week at Andy Lake. We discovered this little resort last year; after trying a few other cottages at other lakes over the years, we finally found one we loved enough to go back to. The ownership changed in the fall so we weren’t sure what to expect this year, but it was all good. Our cabin was still very rustic and tiny but there is talk of updating it in the future. They did add a TV / DVD player, which we made full use of. There was no TV reception but watching a few Corner Gas episodes every night was fun for all.
We booked this week’s holiday when we checked out last year and in the year since then, a few conflicts arose: Chloe is away and couldn’t come, Dale had to fit some work in and Neve had tickets to the One Direction concert Friday night. We weren’t able to change our reservation, so in the end Dale, Spencer and Neve went home on Thursday at noon and I stayed until Saturday by myself. This sounded like a dream come true in advance but when it came down to it, it didn’t quite live up to my high expectations. I don’t mind being alone but following on the heels of such happy family time, it was kind of lonely. Seeing other families laughing and frolicking in the water didn’t help either. But I made the best of it by watching lots of The Office episodes, reading, sleeping, and laying by the water with no one begging me to come swim with them. Okay, I actually wouldn’t have minded someone to swim with by the end, but it wasn’t all bad. I always say I love being alone, but maybe I just talk tough. Who knew? We missed Chloe a lot; it wasn't the same without her but we knew she was having fun without us so we tried to do the same.

But the rest of the week was amazing. I tried to get up early to enjoy the day to its fullest but I failed every day until I re-defined early. I work up around 9:30, went for a run (sometimes), had breakfast, had a cup of tea on the dock, swam/read/ate all day, had dinner, swam some more, went in the sauna, played games, and watched Corner Gas. I started and finished four books, two newspapers and one magazine. And we ate. Oh, how we ate. All carbs, all the time. My stomach still feels full and heavy. But it was Worth It.
Neve loved the three cats roaming around the resort and named them Cleo, Furnando, and Jackie.
We also went for a couple of canoe rides and explored some islands in the area. The weather was sketchy at first: it alternated between sun and rain every half hour or so. During one of the sunny spells when it looked like the rain was done for sure this time, we took the canoe out and were a fair distance away when it suddenly started raining. We headed back but not fast enough: a wall of rain and strong winds caught up with us. It was raining so hard we couldn’t see anything (Dale and Spencer called it hail, but it wasn’t). We paddled with all our might and made it back, soaked to the core. That sealed my decision never to go on a substantial canoe trip of any kind. Not that I was considering one, but still.

Action shot. Not sure where Jim's lower leg went.

The water trampoline was a big hit again. Apparently it’s super fun to try and push people off. Some people are not as easily pushed off as others. Spencer and I finally got Dale off except I went in first with Dale’s full weight on me and I didn’t have time to plug my nose (I know, I’m a baby) and we sank way down and I felt panicked that I’d never come up. I don’t find trampoline-wrestling nearly as fun as Dale and Spencer do. I’m not sure how fun Jim found it either. It’s kind of sobering to discover that your much older brother-in-law is stronger than you are. He and Sabrina and the girls dropped by for a visit on Sunday and my friend Lori and her kids came by on Tuesday.
As hard as it was to leave our little paradise, it’s nice to be home where you can drink the tap water and weird droppings aren’t constantly falling from the old log cabin ceiling. But I’m already looking forward to next year when the entire family will be there for the entire time, no matter what amazing opportunity Chloe has to turn down or what concert will be missed (unless the Beatles get back together).


Anonymous said...

Dales not stronger!!! He's basiically like a 300 lb sandbag!!!!!! But it was lots of fun!!! Jim

Daniel said...

Good times! Looks like lots of fun, and a little bit of relaxation. The trampoline activity sounds aggressive!

What a little sweetie that Lexie is!!! Spencer looks so 'built' in that standing on the dock photo - I'm sure he'll be able to throw Dale off next year.

Anonymous said...

Dale totally has 'old man strength'. All dad's got it and you have to get old to get it. It's definition is: the strength you get (brought on by years of experience in knowing how to use counter weight/feints/pressure points/etc combined with the bull-headedness to never give in to someone younger than you) that is undefeatable by your own kids/nephews/younger siblings/etc and stays with you until you are on your death bed (which, let's face it, at that point no one is going to ask you to arm wrestle to prove your old man strength is gone).

So, Dale. Rock on, Old Man. You win the day...for now and always.