Friday, July 17, 2015

Movie afternoon


Neve faced one of her long-standing fears this week. Ever since she was a toddler, she’s been scared of movie theatres. I remember when she was so little she could barely talk (which isn’t very specific since she was a late talker), we took her to IMAX to see “Santa vs. the Snowman.” She got so freaked out by the 3D graphics in the opening credits that Dale had to take her out of the theatre and walk around Portage Place the whole time. There was a big red A that zoomed out towards the audience and she was terrified. “Red A close to me!” she cried. In her baby voice it sounded like “Red A cose-a-me” which is phrase that still makes us laugh to this day. At least she knew her colours and letters.

I think we did take her to one movie after that, but I can’t remember which one. I do recall her fear of the automatic flushing toilets which played a part in her refusal to go to a movie ever again. Not a big deal; I’m not into forcing a kid to go to the movies and it’s saved us a lot of money over the years.

But then Minions came along. Neve loves minions. She sleeps in minion pyjamas literally every night. If that doesn’t prove her love for them, I don’t know what would. Then she admitted that she sometimes feels left out when all her friends are talking about a movie they’ve seen in the theatre. We can’t have that! We must feel included at all times! So I made it my personal mission to convince Neve to see the Minion movie. I promised her a small theatre, no earth-shaking surround sound, no 3D or big crowds. Enter Towne Cinema 8. I think I have expressed my love of the Towne 8 before, but let me say it again. Is it a bit sketchy? Yes. Has it seen better days? Yes. Are the screens on the small side? Yes. Is there a better deal to be found anywhere in the city for first run movies?? NO! $4 a ticket (Tuesday special; regular price is about $5). For $16, we got two movie tickets, a medium drink, medium popcorn and extra butter. And it’s seriously not that bad – they keep it clean and contrary to popular belief, there’s lots of parking around. My motto is: support businesses that you would be sad to see disappear. Actually I just made that motto up but I would be very sad to see the last movie theatre in downtown Winnipeg close down.

Anyway, Neve was very anxious until the movie started and then she relaxed when she realized it wasn’t too loud or over-sensory. We sat in the very back row and ended up having a great time watching those silly yellow oval dudes. She was pretty proud of herself for facing her fears and has now declared she will go to movies, but only at the Towne 8. That’s my girl.


Anonymous said...

Yay!! Way to face your fears, Neve!! Be super proud!

xoxo Sio

and PS - I LOVE the minions!!!

Daniel said...

Way to go Neve!!! Keep on getting over your fears!!

I like your new motto - it's something I try to follow too, along with appreciating buildings that I like, before they get bulldozed for new condos.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I also love Towne 8!

I like your new made up motto too.