Sunday, July 05, 2015

Time warp week

It’s been a weird week. Not bad-weird, just time-warp-weird. It feels like last Sunday was at least a month ago. I can hardly believe it’s only been a week since we sent Chloe to Quebec. Neve was still in school last week Monday and Tuesday. Even as I wrote that, I had to double check the calendar to make sure that was true. We’ve only had three weekdays of summer holidays. I don’t know how that’s possible. It definitely had something to do with Canada Day falling smack in the middle of the week. It felt so much like a weekend that I tried to get the Monday Safeway deal on Thursday. I felt silly when I realized my mistake, but the cashier did not laugh. I think she thought I was trying to scam her. Maybe she has trust issues from people using expired coupons and stuff. Anyway, these are some of the things that happened this week. My pics are just iPhone pics, so the quality isn’t awesome.

Monday: Neve had school and her final soccer game (no pictures).

Tuesday: After Neve finished school at 11:30, Spencer, Neve and I went to Matlock to a friend’s cabin. It was hot and sunny and we spent a great afternoon on the beach. In the evening Siobhan and some other friends came over for drinks on the deck. It was short, but sweet to see her before she left for Ireland the next day.



Wednesday: On July 1st, we went to Mike & Darla’s for a Canada Day pool party. We had lots of fun and watched the fireworks from their backyard.

Thursday: I worked all day. I can’t remember what else we did that day.

Friday: Spent an awesome afternoon at the Quarry with friends, bookended by a morning happy hour with my neighbour and an afternoon happy hour with another neighbour. Later the kids and Dale and I went for ice cream and walked along Corydon.

 The above picture is notable because Spencer is a) at the beach of his own free will; b) not reading; c) not eating junk food; and d) not asking to go home. It's also worth noting that it was a beautiful day - it may look overcast but it's that *#$&%^ smoke coming from forest fires in northern Saskatchewan. I wish someone would put those out already.

Saturday to Sunday: went to Dale’s brother and sister-in-law’s cabin in Hecla (at Hecla? On Hecla?). They have a beautiful cabin there with the most amazing huge windows overlooking the lake. They were away on a trip, so Dale, his mom, the kids and I went to hang out there. The weather was uncooperative; a thunderstorm started almost as soon as we arrived and it rained the entire day. I will say it made for perfect napping conditions. There was no rain on Sunday but between the smoky air and the mosquitoes, it was nicer to be inside. We ate and read and played lots of Rummy and Phase 10 and Skipbo which is all much more fun to do when you can see a lake from your window, so it was all good. We also explored the Lakeview resort and walked around the wharf, etc. It really is beautiful up there.

When we got home, Dale and I went for a bike ride and later Chloe phoned. Sounds like she’s having a good time. She’s made friends (although I question the depth of a relationship in which she can’t speak English), likes her teacher and has done a bunch of fun activities. She didn’t sound one bit homesick which I’m thankful for, but I admit it would have been a tiny bit touching to hear a little sniffle or something. One week down, four to go. We miss her. Neve and Spencer fight like an evil little cat and dog without her. Yesterday they were arguing about how long a second was. Chloe, if you’re reading this: hurry home!! Or if you understand French better by now:  Maison de pressé! (hope that makes sense – if not, blame the google).

The first full week of summer vacation begins tomorrow. Hope they're all as long as this last one!


Daniel said...

Wow, you sure do pack a lot into a week!! The cabin looks amazing, rain or no rain! I hear ya with the fires - sure hope it won't be like this all summer.
Hope your evil kitten and puppy don't tear each other apart before your little francophone returns!

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