Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Exploring Winnipeg

Yesterday – August 17 - was our first normal day of summer vacation. Chloe’s been home for over a week but she spent almost every hour of the first five days with her cousin, followed by three days lifeguarding at camp, followed by the weekend at Bob & Janet’s cottage. So it was the first day that all three kids were home. I worked all morning and then we went to the exchange district after lunch. Spencer spent most of the time in a record shop while the girls and I browsed in little boutiques. We all sat in Old Market Square and ate ice cream sandwiches from Cakeology. They were delicious but they were HUGE! Not even Spencer could finish his, which is unheard of. So if you go (and you should), ask them to cut it into sharing-size pieces. I’ve been eating so poorly this summer; every day I try to start fresh and make healthy choices but every day I eat something ridiculous. Ah well, that’s what summer is for.
For some sad reason, this picture has a fall-like feel to it. But it's only mid-August!! It's still summer!
Today I wanted to go hang out with my sister and brother (in town from Vancouver) but work inconveniently got in the way. I hate it when that happens. I finally met up with Dan late in the afternoon at my aunt’s beautiful new condo. From there, we went to the Forks for a Splash & Dash river tour. It’s been a few years since I’ve done the tour so it was fun and informative. My brain struggles to retain even the most vital information, so 1791 blends into 1964 and I have no idea what building burned down when. I remembered two things from the tour:
1) There used to be drawbridges along the river for ships to sail under. The ships would go near the shore so the strong wind wouldn't blow them into the bridge. But since the water was pretty shallow near the shore, they hitched up horses to pull the ships. I feel like the tour guide made this up but I didn't argue because I know nothing about what horses are capable of.
2) If it weren’t for the Panama Canal, this city would be huge. That canal wrecked our future. It's just as well; I like our reasonable house prices and being able to get anywhere in 20 minutes. And we're big enough for an IKEA, which Panama doesn't even have. So we win.

I have a bunch of pictures to post from various recent happenings but I haven’t had a chance to import them to my computer yet. So I’ll be back tomorrow (maybe). In the meantime, here's a picture you're probably not going to see on the river tour brochure. Not sure why we look so serious.


Anonymous said...

We win! I love Winnipeg.


Anonymous said...

That last photo is hilarious!! And yeah, I'd have to doubt the whole horse pulling a ship thing. Wouldn't the horses just sink into the river bed?? Or is they assumption they swam while pulling???

I do love that Winnipeg has such a history. Th oldest building in Vancouver is like, 1912. Thats not even OLD. Ok maybe a few years older, but not much!

xo Sio