Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Family Weekend 2015

It’s a good thing I like my family because we’ve been spending a lot of time with them. Dan’s visits always spur some good family time, including our annual weekend at my parents. On Friday, Dan, Janet, Sabrina and I went to the Quarry with the kids. It was a beautiful day, so we made the most of it. Then we rushed home and cleaned up before heading to the Whytewold Emporium for dinner. We were joined by the rest of my siblings and their partners, except for Jenn in Vancouver. We had wood-fired pizza with crepes for dessert. We hung out on the pier afterward; it was such a beautiful evening. It was a lot of fun and Dale and I got to cruise home in Jim’s caddy. Oh, and I got awesome new winter mitts but I don’t want to talk about them yet.

The ridiculous crepe Dale & I ordered for dessert

At the Quarry

Mermaid Bella

On Saturday morning, we all headed to my parents. It was cool and cloudy but the rain held off until around dinnertime, unlike Winnipeg which was hit with rain before noon. But once it started, the wind and rain stuck around most of the weekend. It was definitely the coolest, wettest family weekend on record but it was still better than last year’s weekend when Dan and Bailey weren’t there and it hadn’t quite sunk in that Joan really wasn’t coming. This year my brother’s new friend came for part of the time; she is lovely and fun in spite of dealing with grief of her own. We really like her. Here is the weekend in pictures:

The unofficial events committee planning some minute-to-win-it games

The games were a hit, proving that we can have fun without sun.

Baby snuggling with Vana. Such a doll!!

Vana's cool big brother Cruz 
The weekend wouldn't be complete without tractors

Neve, Chloe, Tia (who arrived home from a week in Tadoule lake late the night before) 
Cutie Nixi

Donkey fun

Bailey is a henna star

Ping pong tournament champs. Jimmy looks as proud as if he'd won the world championships instead of the middle-aged family rec tournament.
Donkey champs. The bronze winner is covetous.

Lexie and Uncle Dan

This doll was like another family member this weekend. He is slightly creepy and has an arm missing but he brings joy everywhere he goes. Even/especially when he causes fright.

Dan made pop-rock chocolate … mmm

Love it when the cousins hang out (there are some missing)

Because of the weather, there was no bonfire or fireworks, no archery, beanbag toss or digging potatoes. But my parents always work hard to provide good quality family time and they definitely succeeded again this year. It's a tradition we all love and I'm glad the kids get to make memories in the same house/yard where I grew up.

We returned home on Sunday to find that Neve’s pet fish Swimmy had moved on to the big ocean in the sky, just six days before his third birthday. Three years is pretty good for a Beta fish and we could see the writing on the wall for a few weeks (months?), but Neve was pretty sad. Through her tears she said, “Now we can’t call him Swimmy anymore. We have to call him Deady!” She couldn't bear to flush him so he lay dead in his fishbowl in the dining room until last night (when Spencer's fish Napoleon III was nearing the end a few years ago, we started carrying him to the bathroom to flush him several times but on the way there, he started swimming again. That was definitely not the case this time). When you think about it, Swimmy has been around for almost one-third of Neve's life. Even though he wasn't exactly an interactive pet, he was a constant presence. After a moving ceremony in the kitchen, the procession moved to the bathroom where some difficulties were experienced with dumping him out of his bowl. Not a very dignified ending, but he swims on in our hearts. To see how little the kids were when Swimmy joined our family, click here. (Actually, that was Swimmy the first. He died within days and Swimmy II arrived a week later).


Anonymous said...

I want to be part of your extended family. Such fun.

Good bye, Dear Swimmy.

Anonymous said...

I would like to be adopted too!