Friday, August 07, 2015


We arrived home last night from our trip to pick Chloe up after her month in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. We drove over 5400 km through desolate stretches of pure nature as well as through crowded streets of some of the country's biggest cities. I love road trips and am always depressed when they end, but luckily there are advantages to being home too. I don't miss gas station bathrooms, eating chips for lunch or rummaging through my suitcase. Well, chips for lunch isn't the worst thing, but the disgusting feeling afterward is. I will do a full vacation recap later but for now, here are a few pictures.

Our destination:

Chloe was not nearly as happy to see us as we were to see her. She made some very good friends from all over Canada and after spending five solid weeks with them, it was hard to say goodbye. After we picked her up, she spent the first few days either texting her friends or moping/talking about them. Everything reminded her of her friends ("There's a Giant Tiger - my friends and I went to Giant Tiger!"  or "There's a playground … my friends and I hung out at a playground!" Waaa!). It became a running joke ("You blinked … my friends blinked! Waaa!").

But the texting tapered off and she slowly resigned herself to life with the family. Five weeks of independence, lack of parental involvement and a 24-hour-a-day social network was her dream come true. Oh yeah, and learning French. We heard her have several very impressive French conversations on the rest of the trip, including a restaurant experience in rural Quebec where the waitress didn't speak English. It was a very positive experience all around. I'm happy it went so well and we're all happy to have her home. 


Anonymous said...

Aw man! We want them to grow up and be independent, but then not really!

So glad it was a great experience for her, and glad you have her back!

xoxox Sio

Daniel said...

Awwww, so nice to hear she had such a great time! Love the photo of the two sisters holding hands!! And that first shot belongs on a Tourism Quebec (or Ontario) brochure.

Daniel said...

And now I get Corina's comment on Instagram.